Jay measured JC8689 no noise hunt instrument | Route finders | Network cable tester | check line | find line tester

Jay measured JC8689 no noise hunt instrument | Route finders | Network cable tester | check line | find line tester

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Jie measure
  • Model: JC8689
  • Product Number: JC8689
  • Renovation and construction content: Hydropower Engineering

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Brand: Jay measure

Model: JC8689

Power: 9V laminated battery

This product is designed to hunt BNC cable network telephone lines and other copper core cable (different cables different signal effect). Note: The router supports switch turned weak hunt, this product is weak products, not for wire link with a strong power.

Hunt length:

Cable 1000 meters (to be found cat5 cat6 line, etc.)

Telephone line 1000 m

400 m BNC cable

Advantage: Usually hunt instrument in the switch turned on or next to the hunt with a strong current, or in front of the lights below the display, there will be a strong noise, Buy this type of product you can rest assured, because he did not murmur, breaking the traditional concepts, because of the different works.

Suitable for: network cabling, the computer room, telecommunications telephone installation, ADSL installation, monitoring cabling, TV cable maintenance, interior wiring.

The main clients include: Telecom, China Netcom, China Railcom, China Unicom, cabling project, property electrical, automotive wiring.

Working current MAX: transmitter T20-50mA, receivers R40-90mA
Signal form: complex frequency pulse
Signal level:

15Vp-pline. 5Vp-p network

Transmission distance: 0.5mm wire communication cable is greater than 1Km (empty line)

Transmitter T: 120 * 57 * 26 (mm)
Receiver T: 160 * 35 * 20 (mm)

packing list:
①JC8689 Launcher 1
②JC8689 receiver 1 station
③ an alligator clip adapter cable
④RJ11 an adapter cable
⑤RJ45 an adapter cable
⑥BNC an adapter cable
⑦ Cologne adapter module line 1
⑧110 voice module line 1
⑨ Cable Adapter 1
⑩9V laminated battery 2
11. The test kit Kit 1
12. Manual 1