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JC8689 JC8689 Hassle-free Hunt Monitor | Line Finder | Cable Tester |

JC8689 JC8689 Hassle-free Hunt Monitor | Line Finder | Cable Tester |
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  • Model: JC8689
  • Item No .: JC8689
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects

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Brand: Test

Model: JC8689

Power: 9V laminated battery

This product is designed for cable line BNC cable and other copper cable (different cable different signal effect). Note: Support switch router power-on state weak line, this product is weak products, not for the link with a strong electric wire.

Hunt length:

Cable 1000 meters (cat5 cat6 lines can be found, etc.)

Telephone line 1000 meters

BNC line 400 meters

Advantages: General hunt instrument in the switch boot state hunt or next to a strong current or in front of the display in front of the light will have a strong noise, Buy this model of the product you can rest assured, because he has no noise, breaking the traditional concept, because the working principle is different.

Suitable for: network cabling, room maintenance, telecommunications telephone installation, ADSL installation, monitoring wiring, TV line maintenance, interior decoration wiring.

The current list of major customers: Telecom, China Netcom, Railcom, China Unicom, engineering wiring, property electrical, automotive wiring.

Operating current MAX: Transmitter T20-50mA, Receiver R40-90mA
Signal form: complex frequency pulse
Signal level:

15Vp-pline. 5Vp-p network

Transmission distance: communication cable 0.5mm core is greater than 1Km (empty line)

Transmitter T: 120 * 57 * 26 (mm)
Receiver T: 160 * 35 * 20 (mm)

packing list:
①JC8689 transmitter 1 set
②JC8689 receiver 1 set
③ crocodile clip matching line 1
④ RJ11 adapter line 1
⑤ RJ45 adapter line 1
⑥ BNC adapter line 1
⑦ Cologne module adapter line 1
⑧110 voice module line 1
⑨ cable TV adapter 1
⑩9V laminated battery 2
11. Test tool kit 1
12. 1 manual