URKM4 intelligent fingerprint attendance | attendance | Fingerprint machine | Daka | Fingerprint machine | automatic report

URKM4 intelligent fingerprint attendance | attendance | Fingerprint machine | Daka | Fingerprint machine | automatic report

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Attendance brand: URK
  • Model: M4 Smart
  • Attendance type: type fingerprint
  • Color Classification: Black M4 automatic statistical three-year warranty to send special U disk automatically shift U disk automatically generate statistical reports
  • Service: shop three packs

Our selling point advantages are as follows:
1, fingerprint machines professional manufacturers, the industry authority, Lynx rare

Note: The top-ranking Taobao are selling office supplies business, no business is not evil

We are engaged in fingerprint attendance machine development and production for 20 years, an international leader in technology and products, selling products in more than 100 countries and regions, on the Lynx single-product sales of over 50,000 units, tens of thousands of praise, 20 years we the technology has always led the industry, the industry authority level of the enterprise. the right to speak with a double technical and price. it is unfortunate that companies like us on Taobao rare, overwhelmed by the vast majority of trafficking office supplies business these brokers are essentially different from us, we are the integrity of business enterprises, they are 'providers', the first important thing is to buy things this point, first Man, no business is not evil, it is the truth, to find we are the most reliable manufacturers buy.

2, high quality from the most advanced manufacturing systems
Note: Taobao ranking are small factory OEM or agent, can not control the quality of the technology behind
Producing a fingerprint machine has more than 400 parts, more than 100 processes across more than 20 industries, in order to ensure quality, we use the global production system mode GMS, simply, is to use the world's most advanced and reliable components, technology, manufacturing quality control is accomplished the whole process a fingerprint machine, fingerprint machine, our core CPU by the world's largest integrated power pedestal factory TSMC, the internal memory of the world's top manufacturers of digital memory winbond Winbond produced, SMT solder used the world's top quality German Baim BYNUM paste, even a piece of double-sided stickers have adopted a genuine 3M film, enough to ensure six years does not fall off, and the soldering SMT board PCB production have chosen the most modern large-scale enterprises, all imported automated assembly line, and improve the ISO9000 quality management system to ensure that every aspect is strictly controlled. only such a management process to ensure quality and very reliable, our products per thousand units per year of the defect rate of less than three thousandths , that loom 1,000 1 year, less than three damage, which is the industry no one can do things based on this we have the confidence to 168 yuan a lifetime warranty, and other OEM products not killed dare commitments.
3, the original three-year warranty
Note: Taobao ranking business only one year warranty
We offer a three-year warranty, this is the ultimate test of any product, poor quality or broker will not promise this, and ordinary sellers are selling office supplies, agents or others loom with cheap machine OEM can money do not make money and run, do not wait until the warranty period has long gone, and then continue to defraud another vest.
4, sales champion, sold more than 50,000 units
5, the whole network the most praise, praise more than 18,000 buyers
M4 model is suitable for the following departures

(1) fixed the day shift, nine to five, normal shift type (For example, 9: 00-18: 00 classes, or 9: 00-12: 00 lunch break 13: 30-18: 30 classes, where the time can be adjusted)

(2) morning and evening class type (for example: early morning 8: 00-18: 00, evening 10: 00-20: 00)

(3) multi-shift type (there are multiple shifts, staff fixed)

(4) Shift (for example: A class on today, tomorrow on Class B or Class A this week, next week on Class B)

Overtime (for example: after 5:00 to 8:00 of overtime work to work automatically statistics)

Select Choose a real fingerprint confidential manufacturers

The vast majority of sellers are middlemen, and boast good scalping cheating.

Brokers are generally Self-styled Return of the King; or advertised as international big; or to promote its high price = high quality; or brag about is the champion. They do not produce themselves, do not understand technology are from small factories in the south customized bulk cheapest machine (such original loom on Taobao sell tens of dollars, and there is a very harsh light scanner, or on the screen there is a only pale dying hand, or a woman doing this kind of endorsement are machine), another trademark, another 168 housing sold for 188 yuan or 388 yuan, will send you a cottage or virtual standard U disk capacity, which seller use many types of guerrilla warfare, often suddenly disappear and then sell another brand from another store, the buyer sale will be a problem. they can only deal with the product features a single day shift, the shift, evening shift, overtime, night work, irregular work and other buyers species simply can not meet demand, buyers often do not understand the situation the wrong buy after the discovery of this type of machine is not suitable for the use of their shift. So we must choose this type of technology the original manufacturer, we most understand the actual needs of the buyer attendance, the 10 years we have been committed to software development attendance statistics, attendance in terms of long-term investment in research and development of intelligent power system to solve the attendance various problems of the industry, to meet the full authority of the factory units of various types of stores all kinds of attendance statistics needs, to facilitate the needs of all types of buyers, we will shift the various types of targeted segments introduced to adapt to shifts model, buyers can choose their own color type from this meal, respectively.

Common reports:

Figure 1: attendance report card U disk output (EXCEL format):

Figure 2: If the shift can be U disk output is tardiness exception tables after shift (EXCEL format) :

Warranty Policy:

Support seven days unconditional return policy;

30 days artificial damage (quality), shifting; we bear the entire cost;

Three-year warranty (default)

Warranty: Parts exemption fee (except for man-made and natural disasters, damage); eliminating artificial repair costs; Rework freight AA system;

In other cases, the buyer shipping back and forth and parts costs, the seller is responsible for repair;

Warranty location for our company designated service location