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URKM4 intelligent fingerprint attendance machine | attendance machine | fingerprint machine | punch card machine | fingerprint machine | automatic report

URKM4 intelligent fingerprint attendance machine | attendance machine | fingerprint machine | punch card machine | fingerprint machine | automatic report
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Product parameters:

  • Attendance machine brand: URK
  • Model: M4 Smart
  • Attendance type: fingerprint type
  • Color Classification: Black M4 automatic statistical warranty for three years to send a special U disk automatic statistical frequency U disk automatically generate reports
  • After-sales service: three bags of shops

The advantages of our selling points are as follows:
1, fingerprint machine professional manufacturers, industry authority, Lynx rare

Note: Taobao top ranking are selling office supplies business, no business is not rape

We are engaged in the R & D and production of fingerprint attendance machine for 20 years, with leading technology and products, the products sell well in more than 100 countries and regions in the sky cat on a single product sales of more than 50,000 units, praise tens of thousands of 20 years Technology has always been leading the industry, is the authority of the industry-level enterprises with the technology and the price of the dual discourse right, it is a pity that we are such enterprises in Taobao rare, the vast majority of the sale of office supplies business by the submerged , These intermediaries and we have the essential difference, we are the integrity of the business, they are 'business', the first important thing to buy or this point, first look at people, no business is not rape, this is the truth, to find We buy the factory is the most reliable.

2, high-quality from the most advanced manufacturing system
Note: Taobao top are small factory OEM or agents, technology can not control the quality of backward
Production of a fingerprint machine has more than 400 parts, more than 100 processes, across more than 20 industries, in order to ensure quality, we use the global production system GMS, simply use the world's most advanced and reliable parts, Technology, quality control methods to complete a fingerprint machine manufacturing process, our fingerprint machine core CPU from the world's largest integrated circuit factory Taiwan-based TSMC, the internal memory for the world's top digital memory manufacturers Winbond Winbond, SMT welding used The world's top quality BYMUM BYNUM solder paste, even a double-sided stickers are used genuine 3M film, enough to ensure that 6 years without falling off, motherboard PCB production and welding SMT have chosen the most modern large-scale enterprises, all imported Automated assembly line, improve the ISO9000 quality management system to ensure that every link is strictly controllable. Only such management and technology to ensure the quality is very reliable, our products per thousand units per year defective rate is less than three thousandths , That is to say 1000 machine use only less than three years of damage, this is the industry no one can do, based on which we have a lifetime warranty 168 yuan, while other OEM products are not killed Dare to make such a commitment.
3, the original three-year warranty
Note: Taobao top businesses are only one year warranty
We provide three-year warranty, which is the ultimate test of any product, the quality is not good or brokers are not committed to this, the ordinary sellers are selling office supplies, agents or other machines with low-cost machine OEM, Money to do, do not make money and ran, simply can not wait for the warranty period has long disappeared, and then a vest to continue to deceive.
4, sales champion, sales of more than 5 million units
5, the whole network up to praise, more than 18,000 buyers praise
M4 models are suitable for the following shifts

(1) fixed day shift, nine to five, the normal class type (Such as 9: 00-18: 00 classes, or 9: 00-12: 00 noon break 13: 30-18: 30 classes, which time can be adjusted)

(2) morning and evening classes types (for example: morning shift 8: 00-18: 00, night shift 10: 00-20: 00)

(3) multi-shift type (with multiple shifts, fixed staff)

(4) shift (for example: today on the A class, tomorrow, B class, or this week on the A class, next week on the B class)

Overtime (for example: 5:00 after get off work to work overtime to 8:00 from the automatic statistics)

Select the fingerprint machine to select the real manufacturer

The vast majority of sellers are middlemen, good at boasting and brush single cheat.

Brokers are generally Self-styled for the return of the king; or advertised as international big; or propaganda high price = high quality; or boast that he is the champion. They are not produced, do not understand technology. Are small factories from the south of the cheapest batch of custom machine (such machine in the original Taobao only sell tens of dollars, is characterized by a very dazzling scanner lamp, or a screen Only a pale dying hand, or a woman to do endorsements are these machines), another trademark, another shell sold 168, 188 yuan or 388 yuan, will send you a cottage or virtual standard capacity U disk, which Class sellers using guerrilla warfare, often suddenly disappear another shop to sell another brand, the buyer will be a problem after-sales. Their products can only cope with a single day shift, for the shift, morning and evening classes, overtime, night shift, irregular buyers and other buyers The kinds of needs can not be satisfied, buyers often do not understand the situation wrong to buy these machines found not suitable for their own use of the frequency. So we must choose our technology-based original manufacturers, we are most aware of the actual attendance needs of buyers, more than 10 years we have been committed to the development of attendance statistics software, time and attendance in research and development of long-term research and development of intelligent systems to solve the attendance Industry, a variety of problems, to fully meet the various types of factory offices and offices of various types of attendance statistics needs, to facilitate the needs of various types of buyers, we will also be a variety of sub-types of sub-targeted to launch a variety of flights Of the models, buyers can choose from the color package, respectively, for their own type.

Commonly used reports:

Figure 1: U disk output using the card-type report card (EXCEL format):

Figure 2: If you set the shift, after scheduling U disk output can be delayed to leave early statistics table (EXCEL format) :

Warranty Policy:

Support 7 days unconditional return policy;

30 days of non-human damage (quality problems) Baotui, Baohuan; we bear the full cost;

Warranty for three years (default)

Warranty period: the cost of spare parts (man-made, except for natural disaster damage); free artificial repair costs; Rework freight AA system;

Other cases, the buyer bear the cost of shipping and spare parts costs, the seller is responsible for repair;

Warranty locations are designated maintenance locations for our company