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Red umbrella umbrella folding to strengthen the strengthening umbrella South Korea students umbrella creative Ms. umbrella double three-folded umbrella male

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Product parameters:

  • Shank Material: iron
  • Type of umbrella: umbrella
  • Packing size: 6cm * 6cm * 30cm
  • Gross weight: 310g
  • Brand: REDLEAF / red leaves (home)
  • Product No: E8455S-1
  • Suitable for: adults
  • Color Classification: Umbrella - Black Umbrella - Olive Green Umbrella - Navy Blue Umbrella - Purple Umbrella - Blue Cat Step Star Umbrella - Black Cat Step Star Umbrella - Blue Paris Mew Gentleman Umbrella - Black Paris Mia Gentleman Piano Black - Double Medium Umbrella Deep Blue - Double Medium Umbrella Red - Double Medium Umbrella Olive Green - Double Medium Umbrella Premium Violet - Double Medium Umbrella
  • Umbrella cloth: hit the cloth
  • Open by: Manual
  • Style: three fold umbrella
  • Radius: 48cm (including) -53cm (including)