Children music diapers L34 piece summer ultra-thin breathable diapers diapers ANERLE non diapers SMLXL

Children music diapers L34 piece summer ultra-thin breathable diapers diapers ANERLE non diapers SMLXL

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: children music super soft leak L34 sheet
  • Packing (piece): 34
  • Brand: children music
  • Children music series: super soft leakproof
  • Specification: L34 sheet
  • Diapers Specifications: L34 sheet
  • Diapers Specifications Model: L
  • To apply a gender: General
  • Diapers category: diapers
  • Suitable weight: 9kg-13kg
  • Origin: Chinese mainland

Big promotion price of $ 25, the package comes with 4 diapers with small Harlan, 26 provincial shipping.
Four yards optional S44 / M40 / L34 / XL29 three yards optional, default hair L code requires S / M / XL pro please note oh.
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Upgrade notification Super soft leakproof packaging upgrade, the old and new packaging were shipped during the upgrade.
Brand Children music Product Name Children music super soft leak-proof diapers
Series Chaorou leakproof Specifications L (L) 34
Suitable Male and female baby 9-13kg Place of Origin China
Shelf Life Three years Weight 1KG

※ Product Ingredients:

Non-woven, fluff pulp, molecular absorption resins, PE film

※ Product Features:

1, the absorption increased by 10%, more rapid seepage leakproof.

2, the core 40% thinning, thin soft water lock core, massive water lock.

3, high permeability fabric fashion imitation base film, quickly ruled out the hot moisture, little ass dry and comfortable all night.

4, upgrade unitary core structure, a thin, flexible skin-friendly, completely out of trouble breaking clumping.

5, upgrade phytosterols recipe refreshing skin surface, safer and more comfortable for the baby's care.

※ Precautions

1, if the baby stool, please do not hesitate to change his diapers and wipe or wash the baby's bottom to prevent diaper rash from occurring.
2, the use of diapers, baby skin if there is abnormal condition, please stop using it immediately and consult a doctor consultation.
3, please put the baby diapers could not leave the place, in order to avoid eating baby diapers or bags.
4: After unpacking diapers, place in a dry ventilated place, and be careful not to let dust or small insects mixed in the packaging.
5: Do not place the diapers beside temperature and heating appliances.
6, direct sunlight on the wet diaper shown may cause failure, so do not diapers direct exposure to sunlight.
7, this product is paper products, do not wash.

※ Special Note:

Recommend 3-4 hours to replace one. Yard baby two hours to be replaced once. Remember that each time changing diapers should put the baby's bottom clean, painted Nappy cream. After the baby stool must be timely with water to wash the baby's bottom, painted Nappy cream, then put on a clean diaper.