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Product parameters:

  • Brand: NOYAFA
  • Model: NF-268
  • Product number: NF-268
  • Color Category: NF-268 send the module line
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Noah's Ark Mouse NF-268 (an upgraded version of NF-168)

Price: 230 yuan / sets
product description:
NF-268-type multi-purpose cable test & line measuring device is the promise of the Ark company in the original mouse NF-168 developed on the basis of the new anti-jamming noise-free smart mouse hunt, is a new feature with more new The device has two parts: the transmitter, the receiver is composed of two parts: the appearance of smooth, feel good, and the appearance of a smooth, feel good and has a complete anti-jamming function, a current and the external environment will not interfere with the production of the device. It is a practical tool for installation and maintenance engineers of communication lines.It is widely used in telephone system, computer network and computer network, and it is widely used in telephone network, computer network and other fields. Other related to metal wire lines and other fields.

Functional Description:

1. In the cable charged, the signal is complex, many sources of interference under the conditions of hunt, completely no noise, no interference, can be clear and accurate to find the target line.

2. Can accurately find a variety of load (live) with the network cable, telephone lines, monitoring lines and other metal cables (voltage< 60V) .

3. With the line to line function, through the line can determine the cable line, off, cross, short circuit and other failures.

4. The transmitter can be remotely charged to the line directly with the switch.

5. The sensitivity can be adjusted (divided into 1-8) .Testing test, the proposed 1-3; non-live test, the proposed 4-8 level.

'Tips: Hunt, the proposed line with the load test, live, voltage< 60V, 寻线效果更佳! 】