GRIS wireless network card RT5370 set-top box ZXV10 ZTE b700v5c S1 V5U S2 wireless transmitter

GRIS wireless network card RT5370 set-top box ZXV10 ZTE b700v5c S1 V5U S2 wireless transmitter

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: GRIS
  • Model: GE-LW04-3S4T
  • Model: GE-LW04-3S4T
  • Condition: New
  • Wireless: Wireless
  • NIC socket: USB
  • color: black
  • Transmission speed: 150Mbps
  • Applicable network type: Fast Ethernet
  • After - sales service: other

Small network card signal in general, do not wear the wall!! Can only be used in the same office area!

Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Special Note: Although the factory said that all electronic products will be tested, but the use of transport and there will be many unexplained accident and compatibility, the order must be clearly seen inside the option with Save money in case you can not use the return shipping to worry about, so that insurance companies to make a fortune, there is no freight insurance, we are not responsible for the return shipping freight generated ... ...!

Both the MT7601 and RT5370 NICs are suitable Desktop and laptop wireless Internet access and launch WIFI , You can also use and ZTE ZTE ZXV10 B700 V5 S1, ZXV10 B700 V5 S2, ZXV10 B700 V5C, ZXV10 B700 V5U and other new types of IPTV set-top boxes, other models are not sure whether to use, please check the specific model! B600 (V4), B600 (V4A), B600 (V4C), B600 (V4H), B600 (V5), B700 (V2), and so on are not suitable for ZTE STB ZXV10 series B600 (V2) B700 (V2A) models such set-top boxes do not order!

Set-top box reference Unicom official website
Http: //www.9600169net/ltdsszyy/1294jhtml

Set-top box plug and play, do not install!

The computer does not drive the customer network disk download driver Network card software

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user's Guide
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Wireless LAN indicator is the data transmission indicator, not the power indicator!

150M Features

150M wireless USB card in line with IEEE 802.11n (Draft 2.0), IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b standard, wireless transmission speed up to 150Mbps.

Smart antenna configuration, providing better wireless transmission performance, stability and wireless coverage.

While using CCA technology, can automatically avoid channel interference and take full advantage of channel bundling.

The product supports 64/128/152 bit WEP encryption, as well as WPA / WPA2, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK and other advanced encryption and security mechanisms,

At the same time with QSS fast security settings, consistent with WPS, can easily set up wireless security.

In addition, the product has a priority service function, to ensure that video, voice and other bandwidth data prioritized.

The product and 11g products and other 11n products are also very compatible.

Support operating system Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10 / LINUX / MAC OS

Used in ZTE's set-top box USB interface to receive wireless signals instead of the role of network cable to achieve wireless IPTV network TV function.
The use of wireless ITV card to the user to set their own, need to have some understanding of wireless knowledge.If you do not understand the settings will be more trouble, set the success can be used, unsuccessful to not use.Can be used in computer Internet.
With wireless IPTV, you must have a device that provides a wireless channel to wirelessly transmit data to the set-top box. This wireless channel can be either wireless (bridged) wireless, or wireless AP connected to a bridged cat (bridged) = Wireless AP).
So have been configured dial-up wireless router (connected to the Internet) can not launch the wireless set-top box as a wireless channel, the wireless has been occupied by the Internet channel, which means you want to share wireless Internet + wireless IPTV, your home at least To be able to find two wireless SSID, one is the Internet channel, one is the IPTV data channel.
The biggest use of wireless IPTV is that you want to buy a wireless network card set-top box, then you have to have a wireless cat or wireless router, then what kind of wireless cat or router to support wireless IPTV?
1: use their own to buy a wireless router, not a cat, nor is China Unicom or telecommunications equipment
In this case, the basic can not be used, because China Unicom or telecommunications to your cat. IPTV signal has been assigned to the cat's second mouth, your router can access, but can not see IPTV IPTV signal requirements are bridging mode, and Routers are routing mode, it can not be used.
2: the use of telecommunications to the wireless cat or wireless router
If your set-top box network cable plugged in the cat's four ports can see IPTV, then directly with the cat's wireless can see, do not need to set up another wireless cat.If the cable can only be inserted in a fixed network port to see IPTV, are generally ITV port or LAN2, then your wireless cat need ITV dedicated wireless signal to see wireless IPTV, that is to say your cat to have two wireless signals.One is ChinaNet-× × × wireless is the Internet signal, one is ITV - × × × wireless IPTV dedicated signal, a notebook or WIFI can own search your own wireless cat whether there are two wireless signals.
3: do not support wireless IPTV how to do?
1: Either buy a wireless cat to support wireless IPTV. Cost, a waste of routers, but simple
2: Buy wireless AP (note not a wireless router.) Plug in the cat's dedicated interface to the wireless network card receiver AP signal
Wireless IPTV common problems:
1. Q: Cat is to support wireless, with the laptop and mobile phones can receive its two wireless signals (ie wireless Internet and wireless TV), wireless card inserted into the set-top box can be found after the wireless signal, but not even on?
A: It may be that the wireless IP (or other wireless parameters) you entered is not correct. Some places will change the default parameters of the wireless cat. You can connect the wireless cat with the computer to enter its wireless IPTV Parameter settings interface, set the wireless signal is not encrypted, such as a successful connection, and then replace the other encryption method (in fact, no encryption, because even if they connect your home cat, they do not your home IPTV account and password, or Can not see the TV); If unsuccessful, and then replace the other encryption methods; such as several encryption methods are not successful, replace the wireless band (0 to 13 one by one test).
2. Q: cats do not support wireless, which uses a wireless router (or AP), you can wireless Internet access, but not wireless to watch IPTV TV?
A: As a general wireless router (or AP) can only handle a wireless signal, and now there are two wireless signals (ie wireless Internet and wireless TV) to forward, the original wireless router (or AP) is only forwarded to the Internet Of the wireless signal, it must be coupled with a wireless router (or AP) to forward the TV IPTV wireless signal.
3. Q: Can not two IPTV set-top boxes be used at the same time?
A: The general place is not to support two IPTV set-top boxes at the same time, please consult the local Unicom or telecommunications sector.
4. Q: watching TV cards?
A: Please see the strength of the wireless signal in the set-top box. If the signal strength is low, try to improve, by shortening the wireless distance; change the location and direction of the wireless cat (or wireless router or AP); use the USB extension cable; Wireless cat (or wireless router or AP) channels, etc. If the signal strength is good but still card, this is the speed problem, please contact Unicom or the telecommunications sector.