In the control (ZK Software) K28 Attendance

In the control (ZK Software) K28 Attendance

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: K28 in control
  • Attendance Brand: Zksoftware / in control
  • In the control model: K28
  • Attendance type: type fingerprint
  • Color Classification: Standard Standard Standard + U disk (disk send u) + power use
  • Access authentication method: Fingerprint
  • Service: Genius

K28 fashion type fingerprint attendance machine hybrid engine recognition algorithms can store 1000 fingerprints, 50000 records using the control super fingerprint optical fingerprint sensor, fingerprint recognition quality improved significantly. Support USB data communication capabilities, without real time connected to a computer, is designed for the needs of enterprises and the use of long-distance off-line fingerprint attendance fingerprint attendance machine designed for data communication via USB and computer communications, multiple networked can use; the recognition rate, to solve special populations fingerprint poor quality problems, attendance management for 100-500 people.
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