Solid wood frame 16K2 open a small 12-inch 14-inch 18-inch 608,036-inch A2A1 puzzle box mounted poster frame

Solid wood frame 16K2 open a small 12-inch 14-inch 18-inch 608,036-inch A2A1 puzzle box mounted poster frame

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Yu Xuan
  • Size: White Black Walnut wood color imitation mahogany color
  • Product Number: TSCC
  • Color Classification: 16 / K put 19x26.5 7x12 inch discharge 17.8x30.5 8x12 inch discharge 20.3x30.5 12-inch 14-inch small discharge 25.4x30.5 25.4x35.6 14-inch put put put 28x35.6 12x18 inch 30.5 x45.7 A1 put 59.4x84 A2 put 42x59.4cm 2 open / K 53 * 76 put put put 40x80cm 60x90cm 50x80cm 36 inches put put put 30x50cm 30x90cm 35x50cm 8x16 inch can put put 20.3x40.6cm 18-inch standard play (35.6x45. 7cm)
  • Photo Frame Type: Frame
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Material: Wood
  • Style: Simple Modern
  • Whether with a picture card: No

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Frame color: Black, white, wood color, brown, Imitation mahogany, Red, green, pink, blue, orange, purple, rose red, etc. (some color need to book)

Frame accessories: Frame, PS plexiglass (glass alternatives, high degree of transparency for export polystyrene plastics), MDF sticker back, without painting core, non-jam. Each frame a wall needs no trace of nails, an S hook default Get.

Please pay attention: PS plate (plexiglass) 2 surface protection film before using tear-sided protective film. In order to improve the efficiency of delivery, some orders may be shipped from other provinces and the Treasury, please understand

Frame size chart (hereinafter 'inch' are in inches, centimeters, size may be a slight error)
Size Details Information Memo Frame Size (cm) Can put photos Size (cm)
5 inch Standard 5-inch 11.5x15cm 8.9x12.7cm
6 inches Standard 6-inch 12.8x17.8cm 10x15cm
7 inch Standard 7 inch 15x20.5cm 12.8x17.8
8-inch Standard 8-inch 18.4x23.4cm 15.2x20.3cm
10 inches Standard 10-inch 23x28cm 20.3x25.4cm
A4 inch Inch standard A4 23.4x32.4cm 21x29.7cm
12x7 inch Slim 21x34cm 30.2x17.8cm
12x8 inch 11-inch (12-inch small) 23x34cm 30.2x20.3cm
12x10 inches Standard 12-inch 28x33cm 30.5x25.4cm
14x10 inches 13-inch (14-inch small) 28x38cm 25.4x35.4cm
14x11 inches Standard 14-inch 30x38cm 27.9x35.4cm
16x8 inch Slim 23.1x43.2cm 20.3x40.6cm
16x12 inches Standard 16-inch 33.1x43.2cm 30.5x40.6cm
A3 inch 32.5x44.6cm 29.7x42cm
18x12 inches Small 18 inch 33.2x48.5cm 30.5x45.5cm
18x14 inches Standard 18-inch 38x48.5cm 35.5x45.5cm
20-inch 43.5x53.8cm 40.5x50.8cm
24x16 inches Multiple 24-inch (24-inch small) 43.5x64cm 40.6x60.9cm
24x20 inches 24-inch 48.5x64cm 45.5x60.9cm
24x20 inches Standard 24-inch 53.8x64cm 50.8x60.9cm
28-inch 53.5x74cm 50x71cm
30-inch 53x78cm 50x75cm
32x20 inches 52.6x82.6cm 50x80cm
32x24 inches 63x83cm 60x80cm
36-inch 63x93cm 60x90cm
4 open 41x55.8cm 38x53cm
8 open 29.4x41cm 38x26.5m
Custom 100 onwards, please contact customer service