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Suzhou a light DSZ3 level / Su Yiguang level | Automatic Anping

Suzhou a light DSZ3 level / Su Yiguang level | Automatic Anping
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: YG / a light
  • Model: Suzhou Yiguang DSZ3
  • Item: Suzhou Yiguang DSZ3
  • Color Category + DSZ3 Level (Receipt) DSZ3 Level Host (Invoice) Level + Aluminum Tripod (Receipt) Level + Aluminum Tripod (Invoice) Level + Tripod + Tower (Receiver) Level + Tripod + Tower (invoice)
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Suzhou Yiguang DSZ3 level


DSZ3 can be used for national three or four level observation, to meet a variety of construction projects and leveling requirements. This product has automatic compensation function, can greatly improve the efficiency and avoid mistakes.
• Compensator check button
· Sealed dustproof, easy to operate
· Compact, beautiful appearance
Excellent temperature compensation performance

It is well known that the compensator is made of a metallic material and a glass material, and these materials are affected by the temperature and cause a slight change in the compensator, resulting in a change in the angle of the i. The temperature-compensated instrument often does not meet the national standard GB / T 10156-4997. In the figure below, the green area in the red line boundary is the qualified area of ​​the compensator change when the temperature changes (the enterprise standard stipulates: ± 0.5 "/ degrees Celsius.) In the red thick curve, A is the temperature Compensation level i angle change curve. DSZ2 has been added with temperature compensation device, the use of temperature compensation device on the i angle with the temperature changes in the amount of correction, as shown in the green thick line B is the compensated i angle curve, which So that the instrument in the temperature changes under the harsh conditions can meet the requirements of the use of long-term deformation observation is particularly applicable.

Technical features:
Instrument type DSZ3
Standard deviation from the measurement per kilometer ± 2.5mm
Magnification 24 ×
Shortest sight 0.7m
Compensate the scope of work ± 14
Compensate for Anping accuracy ± 0.5 "
Instrument weight 2kg