Suzhou a light DSZ3 level / Su Yiguang level | Automatic Anping

Suzhou a light DSZ3 level / Su Yiguang level | Automatic Anping

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: YG / a light
  • Model: Suzhou a light DSZ3
  • Item: Suzhou a light DSZ3
  • (Invoice) level + aluminum tripod (receipt) level + aluminum tripod (invoice) level + tripod + tower feet (receipt) level + tripod + Tachometer (receipt) (invoice)
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Suzhou a light DSZ3 level


DSZ3 can be used in the national third and fourth level of observation, to meet a variety of construction projects and level measurement requirements. This product has automatic compensation function, can greatly improve the efficiency and avoid errors.
• Compensator check button
* Sealed dust, easy to operate
· Compact structure and beautiful appearance
Excellent temperature compensation performance

We all know that the compensator is composed of metal materials and glass materials, and these materials are affected by temperature, will cause a slight change in compensation, resulting in changes in angle I. Temperature compensation without the instrument, often can not meet the national standard GB / T 10156-4997. The green area in the red line boundary is the qualified area of ​​the compensator change when the temperature changes (the enterprise standard stipulates: ± 0.5 "/ degrees Celsius.) The red rough curve in the figure is not temperature Compensated level i angle change curve DSZ2 has been added with a temperature compensation device, the use of temperature compensation device on the angle i with the temperature changes in the amount of correction, as shown in the green line B after the compensation for the i-angle after the change curve, So that the instrument in the harsh conditions of large temperature changes can also meet the requirements of the deformation of a long observation is particularly applicable.

Technical features:
Instrument type DSZ3
Standard deviation of measurements per kilometer ± 2.5mm
Magnification 24×
The shortest line of sight 0.7m
Compensating the scope of work ± 14′
Compensation Anping accuracy ±0.5″
Instrument weight 2kg