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Color X800C Flash High Speed ​​Synchronous ETTL External Head Light For SLR Camera Canon Flash

Color X800C Flash High Speed ​​Synchronous ETTL External Head Light For SLR Camera Canon Flash
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Pixel / color X800C (stand ...
  • Brand: Pixel / color
  • Model: X800C (standard) Canon
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Applicable to the main pieces of the brand: Canon / Canon
  • Flash and accessory type: set-top flash
  • Flash Index (ISO100): GN60 (ISO100)
  • Suitable for: Canon TTL
  • Can be rotated: Yes

Why use the flash?
If you can not consider the shutter speed, you can naturally extend the exposure time to solve the problem of insufficient light, such as shooting still life or landscape, you can use the tripod + long exposure to obtain the correct exposure.
But sometimes, no conditions for long exposure, you need to fill the light with the flash, such as indoor portrait, can not ask a person to remain motionless for a long time.
For the flash, there are many limitations, one of the larger is the flash coverage, in general, dc flash within the effective range of a few meters, but the lens arrow only a problem, then there will be a flash foreground Bright, you can get the right exposure, but the background because the flashing lights from the limited, or will be less exposure, which is why the night without the reasons for flashing lights.
Flashing lights can also be used to reduce the contrast when the contrast is large, but sometimes, it is precisely because the use of flashing lights, caused by the use of flashing lights, can also be used to reduce the contrast, The contrast increases, then, we must consider the need to use the flash

1, in the lack of light when the flash fill light.
2, in the color cast, you can use the flash to correct the color.
3, when the contrast can be used to reduce the contrast flash.

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