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VISIO X58-BD hard disk player hard disc machine

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  • Brand: VISIO
  • Model: X58-BD
  • Product Number: VISIO-X58-BD
  • Color Classification: Black TM and old customers to buy ice price

A. Hardware Configuration
1. 9700-based motherboards and improvements, the main chip MTK8580, Blu-ray optical drive using the SONY AAA grade movement, video processing chip Marvell 88ED2755.
2. Dual HDMI, audio and video independently to achieve separation of output, frequency output 4K.
2. The left and right analog audio, use audio DAC is CS 4354.
3. removable internal hard disk function.
4. You can add 300M dual USB WIFI card.
5. Standard luminous learning function remote control.

Second, the software features
1. Support BD-ISO, BDMV, full navigation play a maximum 100X

Fast forward
MKV 2. Play with HD audio tracks, up to 32X fast forward
3. Support music files: wav, ape, flac, mp3, wma, cue, DSD / DSF / DFF, SACD.ISO
4. CD / original disk, subtitles ASS, SSA, SRT
5. supports NFS, SMB, DLNA, miracast network share
6. Support SOLINK phone APP control.

If you like to watch high-definition movies, listen to music lossless

If you are too early to use other HD player (SIGMA program, Marvell program) audio and video enthusiasts

If you are used to jailbreak Blu-ray machine jiyou

It is if you are lost in 4K 4K wasted cake sheep ......

After several years to build Mr. definition Blu-ray player, hard VISIO X58M / X58BD, perhaps is by far the strongest real Blu-ray player.

Ten major killer Jian:

1. Blu-ray machine from the pure processing chip MTK8580 (world famous Blu-ray machines are in use, Nepal X, X front, Philips X, etc.), stable core of next-generation audio and video processing dirty output.

2. The industry's leading post-grade video processor Marvell 2755 (world famous amplifiers are in use, including X dragon, bridge X, X Feng, etc.), high picture quality optimization, 4K multiplier output.

3. Based on the flagship BDP9700 Blu-ray player to be optimized hardware improvements, drive its reading selection super SONY AAA grade movement (non Quasi BPD450, BDP9700 used Sanyo bald).

4.DTS-X, DTS-HD, DOBLY ATMOS panoramic sound, DOBLY-TRUEHD fully compatible and stable source output (requires separate HDMI connection mode SUB amplifier)

5. The real original Blu-ray disc BDMV / ISO, Blu-ray navigation Full authentic blue enjoyment, of course, also possible to use a simple smart way to play the original disc to skip trailer.

6.MPS media poster display system, so you no longer monotonous list of files to browse local files, but very intuitive to see the relevant poster image to view movie details.

7. The mobile phone has a high degree of capacity into life video, SOLINK phone APP not only act as a remote control function alone, but also let you turn off the display device, free on-demand collection on your hard drive or NAS wonderful music.

8. Powerful subtitles, support ASS, SSA, SRT subtitle effects, and even said that currently support plug-perfect music machine blue machine.

9. drag around player, memory playback, time search, the original disc playback and many other smart technologies to facilitate independent playback mode.

10. Sound from all sources began to support super multi music formats (WAV, APE, FLAC, DSD / DSF / DFF / SACD.ISO, MP3, WMA ...).

11.NFS sharing, compatible with 1000M / 100M network, the original smooth playback of Blu-ray 3D disc player;

12.SMB, DLNA, Miracast provide a variety of home media sharing push convenience features.