Bucket Mixer

Bucket Mixer

Product description:

Introduction to Mine mixing bucket:

Mine mixing bucket is a machine that can mix a variety of raw materials to make them mixtures or to achieve the appropriate consistency, with a blade shaft rotating in the cylinder or tank. The bucket mixer can be divided into a variety of types, such as powerful aggregate mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, twin-shaft mixer.

Working Principle and Application of Mineral mixing barrel:

Working principle of the mixing vat is very simple. When the impeller rotation is driven by the motor V-belt drive, drugs and slurry in the bucket will be mixed thoroughly. The machine is the necessary equipment of increasing response time of drug reactions and strengthening the quality of the drug reactions.

The machine is suitable for mineral separation and can also be used in the mixing of various chemical industries. The bucket mixer is applied in a variety of metal ores, mainly used for mixing before select flotation, and mixing of other non-metallic minerals is also applicable.

Features of mixing vat:

1. The mixing vat has compact structure and good sealing. A block ash board is installed in the feed opening to prevent the water mist.

2. It can evenly mix materials bacause of the fan-shaped mixing blade which can enlarge the contact area of materials and the media.

3. It is installed with rows of nozzles, and the yield of water is very even and adjustable.

4. The ore mixer has low rate of remaining ash. The setting of watershed at the bottom of the bucket has ensured no dead space inside the device.

5. The stirring tub has advantages of advanced performance, stable quality of the finished product, even mixing and quick discharge.

Technical parameters of Mixer

SpecificationChute inner dimensionEffictive cubageMixerMotorWeight (kg)
Diameter (mm) Depth (m3) Diameter (mm) Rotate speed (r/ min) ModelPower (kw)