Students bookcase free combination of simple children's lattice grid small cabinet minimalist modern wood shelving

Students bookcase free combination of simple children's lattice grid small cabinet minimalist modern wood shelving

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Are taxi can transport: Yes
  • Packaging volume: 0.1
  • Brand: Cardio
  • Model: Bookcases
  • Installation instructions details: Provide installation instructions video provides simple installation tool
  • Whether pre-: Yes
  • Whether assembling: Assembly
  • Style positioning: Cheap
  • Gross Weight: 15
  • Design Elements: Other
  • Color Classification: two grid cabinet (colored optional Remarks photographed three grid cabinet (colored optional photographed Remarks) five cabinet (colored optional five grid cabinet photographed Remarks pink green yellow five grid cabinet five grid cabinet light walnut five grid five grid cabinet cabinet teak color pink green Qige Qige cabinet cabinet cabinet light walnut yellow Qige Qige cabinet teak color Qige cabinet pink three-piece green three-piece three-piece yellow light walnut color three-piece three-piece teak pink green family of four family of four family of four pale yellow color teak walnut family of four family of four
  • Facing Material: other / other
  • Whether with door: No
  • Are separator Adjustable: Not adjustable
  • Style: Simple Modern
  • Pattern: Other
  • Furniture structure: Frame structure
  • Origin: Jiangsu
  • City: Nanjing
  • Material: wood-based panels
  • Types of wood-based panels: particleboard / melamine board
  • Whether can be customized:
  • Suitable for: Adult
  • Width: 0.6-0.8 meters wide

1, requires that you install yourself
2, buy Jisong dual screwdriver

1, 16 provincial shipping courier Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Shanxi (free shipping courier, delivery to the downstairs. super School District excluded. subject to express official website)

2, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Chongqing, Sichuan (shipping logistics · contact customer service outlets to confirm, not confirm the network does not need to send express shipments *, up the postage difference)
3, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Hainan , Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Tibet (shipping logistics. Contact customer service to confirm the network, the network does not confirm delivery, We need to send a courier to make up the postage difference)

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