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Microcomputer high-sensitivity needle detector | toys, garment factory, measuring pin food and drug factory needle detector needle detector

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: superb
  • Model: zyz-2

Scope of application:

All kinds of clothing apparel, shoes and hats, luggage handbags, bedding and plush toys small detection
*: The use of imported chips, large scale integrated circuits.
*: Anti-jamming sensor special induction design, greatly improving the sensitivity of the instrument and anti-jamming capability.
*: Equipped with automatic instrument management software, intelligent automatic open and shutdown functions.
*: The humanized work pattern design, realizes the thin material (supplementary material), the thick material (finished product) all can adapt.
*: High-brightness LED electric frequency display external magnetic field interference.
*: High-brightness LED electronic display products containing iron component ratio.
*: Conveyor belt deviation automatic correction function.
*: Intelligent position display system, can accurately display the measured objects in the metal (broken needle) position.
*: Detection of trace metals, sound, light, meter alarm at the same time, not suitable for automatic anti-goods to the product to a halt.
*: The new design concept, luxurious appearance, aluminum line of aluminum shell.

Specifications:(Except special specifications, can be customized notice)

Detection width
Detection of height
Testing standards
(Mm) fe
transfer speed
M / min
power supply
AC / V
Sensitivity adjustment
600 100-120 φ0.8-1.0 34 220 120w 0-10 185 (l) x105 (w) x90 (h) 185
600 120-150 φ1.0-1.2 34 220 120w 0-10 185 (l) x105 (w) x95 (h) 190
600 150-200 φ1.2-1.5 34 220 120w 0-10 185 (l) x105 (w) x100 (h) 195
600 200-250 φ1.5-2.0 34 220 120w 0-10 185 (l) x105 (w) x105 (h) 200