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Yang Kai armpit crutches aluminum walker cane elderly cane cane elderly armpit crutches Disabled

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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Guangdong
  • Medical Devices Product Name: crutches
  • Brand: K / Kay Yang
  • Model: 925
  • Value-added services: Authentic guarantee
  • Executive Standard: GB / T13800
  • Crutches category: axillary Abduction
  • Registration No: Guangdong Food Drug armed (prospective) word 2009 No. 2560594
  • Manufacturer: Guangdong Yang Kai Medical Technology Group Co., Ltd.
  • Disease: arthritic knee ligament injury of soft tissue injury
  • Symptoms: joint pain mobility of sports injuries
  • For people: Any
  • Optional hot: peace of mind to stick folding retractable telescopic
  • Color Classification: a large crowd [180cm-200cm] No. [a] small crowd 160cm-180cm 130cm-160cm or less a [crowd] cane

Pro: This is the load-bearing 300 pounds of thick aluminum alloy, the single price of 48 yuan not used axillary Shui pro please shoot two