Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear Vibrating Screen

Product description:

The vibrating equipment is used for separating materials. It is composed of main frame, screen, motor, eccentric bock, rubber spring, coupler and etc. Company supplies suitable type according to customers demands. The features are as follows: simple, reliable, high screening capacity and high durability.

Working Principle

ZSG series of linear vibrating screens are widely applied to screen dry materials in ore dressing, building materials, water and power, light industry and building materials. The advantaged of this series screen are as follows: stable operation, lower energy consumption, low noise, high efficiency and long service life. ZSG Linear Vibrating Screen, using vibrating motor as vibration source to make the materials be thrown on screen surface, at the same time make the sport straight line forward. This device can be equipped with single or multilayer screen to achieve the grading, impurity removing, powder sifting, testing and end washing purposes and so on. the main components includes motor, screen, frame, feed hopper and output hopper, etc.

Technical parameters of Linear vibrating screen

ModelSieve specifi- cationsSieve layerMesh sizeFeeding sizeProce ssing capacityMotor powerTotal weightVibra tion freq uencyDouble ampl- itudeObli quity of sieveDimensions
(L*W) (mm) Layermmmm (t/ h) kwkg (Hz) (mm) (L*W*H) (mm)
ZSG12373700*120014-50 (=20010-1005.5*22250166-8153800*2050*1920
2ZSG12373700*120024-50 (=20010-1005.5*23345166-8153800*2050*2200
ZSG14434300*140014-50 (=20010-1505.5*24100166-8154500*3040*2500
2ZSG14434300*140024-50 (=20010-1505.5*24900166-8154500*3040*2700
3ZSG14434300*140034-50 (=20010-1505.5*25870166-8154500*3040*2820
2ZSG15484800*150025-50 (=20015-2007.5*25836168-10154800*3140*2814
3ZSG15484800*150035-50 (=20015-2007.5*26900168-10154799*3140*3014
2ZSG18484800*180025-50 (=30050-5007.5*26489168-10154799*3440*2814
3ZSG18484800*180035-50 (=30050-5007.5*27750168-10154799*3440*3014
4ZSG18484800*180045-50 (=20050-50011*28300168-10154799*3440*3503
2ZSG18606000*180025-150 (=30080-60011*29950168-10156000*3440*3326