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Jinzheng 15-inch square dance audio outdoor high-power mobile speaker drawbars rechargeable battery portable Bluetooth stereo

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Kim
  • Model: N9
  • Package 1 (stereo +1 bracket) Package 2 (stereo +1 wireless microphone) Package 3 (stereo +1 wireless microphone +1 bracket) Package 4 (audio +1 wireless headset) Package 5 (Audio + Dual Wireless Microphone) Package 6 (Audio + Dual Wireless Microphone + Stand) Package 7 (Audio + Wireless Microphone +1 Wireless Headset) Package 8 (Audio + Dual Wireless Microphone + (Stereo + wireless microphone + plug-in dual microphone + bracket) Package 10 (stereo + wireless microphone + wireless headset + plug-in dual microphone) Package 11 (stereo + wireless microphone 3) Package 12 (stereo + wireless microphone 4 )
  • Speaker Type: Subwoofer

Cikuan and original wireless microphone fully upgraded, Enhanced microphone pickup effect enhanced, with a display of the microphone, there are up to six people at the same time use, please refer to the package picture selection.

You need to meet our needs: 1. Received the audio boot we plug in the USB flash disk that has music; 2. Remote control built-in battery to open the film to remote control audio; 3. Wireless microphone package gift microphone battery can be installed Sing K. do sound, we are very serious!

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