Long section | pad on both sides of the hair piece | thick wig | carve long bangs replacement piece Free geopositioning hot real hair hair pieces

Long section | pad on both sides of the hair piece | thick wig | carve long bangs replacement piece Free geopositioning hot real hair hair pieces

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Excellent odd thickening long sides
  • Brand: excellent Qi
  • A single product: thickening long sides
  • Color Classification: a total of about two - a total of about two natural black - a total of about two dark brown - light brown Monolithic - Monolithic natural black - dark brown chip - light brown
  • Hair material: real hair

Rapid changes in hair fall flat, both sides of the long hair less additional pieces! Let the natural hair becomes fluffy, but also to change the head-oh!

This paragraph Specifications: length 40 cm wide and 10 cm!

Commitment 7 days no reason to package returned, it can be hot dyeable

Texture: 100% human hair production, smooth texture, light, can be dyed, bleaching, hot curling, straightening also

friendly reminder:

Want short point you can choose a short paragraph, a short connection : (Click the link to open)

If parents who want more fluffy point, you can take two more of!

This product Is sanitized plus hair treatment so the texture is particularly good, the seller does not have general

. Here is our hair show. No broken hair, not mixed with low-grade short hair posing! Real quality Hair look see! Fight is the quality, the fight is hair!

OUR all live-action show, welcome to the pro shop around, the high quality materials and read reviews to know the immediate effect of low activity monolithic 76 yuan! Buy now wear special gift that is a small steel comb and a mirror!

Kind shooting Pirates of the reserved

  • Model wearing in ....

  • The effect of wear after ... seems a lot more hair volume! Headform becomes naturally good-looking!

  • And their own hair, perfect together, realistic and natural! Will never be seen who is wearing a wig Oh!

Quality assurance, buy is to make our hair after special disinfection! Guarantee 3 years will not dry hair frizz!

Real hair a decade of experience, quality assurance, business conscience! Really cost money!

Apply any face, whether it is round, oval face or wear a big fat face is very beautiful!
Mainly wear simple, really New hand Getting Started Selection!

FIG own home is less likely to get shot - the camera! Phone to get, kind show! Do not Pirates of the map!

South Korea accessories factory production Kazi, Kazi cost about 0.9 yuan one, four clips is 3.6 yuan, why use such a good clip, the reason is very simple, is to buy this product guests already fragile hair, it is necessary to use good catches do not cause secondary damage!

To create the perfect hairstyle

Youthful shape ~

100% real hair dye can be hot! All natural as a precondition.

Master ball head ball first 7 days no reason to package returned

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