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Thicker Wigs | Medium-length Bangs Fill-up Slices Free-standing Hot Hair

Thicker Wigs | Medium-length Bangs Fill-up Slices Free-standing Hot Hair
Product code: 11172900030
Unit price 12.15-23.67$
Sold quantity 340
Available stock 596967

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Youqi both sides thickening long
  • Brand: excellent odd
  • Single product: thickening on both sides long
  • Color Classification: Around Total 2 - Natural Black Around 2 - Dark Brown Around 2 - Light Brown Monolithic - Natural Black Monolithic - Dark Brown Mono - Light Brown Black Dark Brown Light Brown Linen Chestnut Color Gold /yellow
  • Hair material: real hair

Rapid change hair flat collapse, both sides of the long hair less hair inside the film! Let the hair become fluffy and natural, but also change the head type Oh!

This section specifications: about 40 cm long, about 10 cm wide!

Commitment 7 days no reason to package returned, can be hot can be dyed

Texture: 100% human hair production, texture smooth, bright, can be dyed, drift, hot curls, but also straighten

friendly reminder:

Want short points can choose short, short paragraph connection : (Click on the link to open)

If the pro want to be more fluffy, you can take two more!

This product Is the result of disinfection and hair treatment so the texture is particularly good, is not the general seller

. The following is our hair show. No broken hair, not mixed with low-grade short hair posing! Real quality See the hair to see! Fight is the quality, fight is the hair!

Shop all live show, to welcome you pro shop around, the quality of the quality and material to see evaluation to know the special activities since the beginning of a single piece of 76 yuan! Buy now donated to wear special small steel comb and make-up mirror one!

In-kind shooting Pirates of the map must study

  • Models to wear in the ....

  • After wearing the effect of ... appears to be much more hair! Head type has become a natural good-looking!

  • And the perfect fusion of their hair together, realistic and natural! Definitely not be seen wearing a wig!

Quality assurance, buy is to earn our hair through a special disinfection process to ensure that 3-year hair will not dry impatient!

Years of experience, quality assurance, conscience business! Really cost-effective models!

Applicable to any face, whether it is a round face, oval face or large fat face to wear very beautiful!
The main thing is to wear simple, real Newbie Getting started!

Figure is their own at home shooting ~ not get the camera! Phone get, in-kind display! Do not Pirates of the map!

Accessories clip for the Korean factory production, clip cost is 0.9 yuan a 4 clip is 3.6 yuan, why use such a good clip, the reason is very simple, is to buy this product guests hair is fragile, it is necessary to use Do not cause a good clip secondary injury!

To create the perfect hairstyle

Shaping the youth atmosphere ~

100% full real hair can be hot can be dyed! All the natural premise.

The main ball head ball first seven days no reason to pack returned

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