Tecsun / Desheng | d3 Card Radio elderly mini portable MP3 FM semiconductor rechargeable

Tecsun / Desheng | d3 Card Radio elderly mini portable MP3 FM semiconductor rechargeable

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Tecsun / Desheng Radio d3 card
  • Color Classification: Desheng d3 [black] + [4] ceremony Desheng d3 [red] + [4] ceremony Desheng d3 [white] + [4] ritual ceremony red + [4] + 4G white + cassette songbook [ 4] + 8G ceremony cassette songbook red + [4] + 8G ceremony cassette songbook black + [4] + 8G ceremony cassette songbook [USB charging head + red + bag + earphone + winder +] white [USB charging head + bag + earphone + winder black +] [4] + 4G ceremony cassette songbook black [+ USB charging head + bag + earphone + winder +] white [4] + 4G ceremony cassette songbook Desheng D3 (message color) 4 + gift gift + 4G cassette songbook + spare battery + charger Desheng D3 (message color) 4 + gift gift + 8G cassette songbook + spare battery + charger
  • Radio Tuner: Digital Display
  • Band Type: Single-band
  • Channel: 2
  • Battery: Lithium Battery
  • Radio type: Portable
  • Time to market: 2009
  • 2009 listing of the month: January 2014
  • Weight: 300g (including packaging)
  • Dimensions: W 124 * 68 * high thickness 27 (mm)
  • Service: Genius
  • Brand: Tecsun / Desheng
  • Desheng radio brand: d3 radio card

{Desheng radio card back to the high reputation of the industry's secret purchase rate}

High score a single product, selling more than 30,000 pieces of history. Quality Achievement reputation

The sound quality is good full-featured use of a machine

- This is a man with a card saying good radio -

Designed for middle-aged friends tailored for morning exercise fitness, leisure walks, listening to stories, listening to opera songs and other occasions.

When the value of the money spent, bought the right players to the elderly ......

Maijiu bag + earphone + router + network transmission Source package

Manager Comment: This paragraph is Desheng radio brand, beautiful style, good sound quality, very loud volume sent for the elderly.

Physical dimensions: width 128 * 70 * high thickness 25 (mm)

About the difference between Q3 with the D3, D3 is a metal antenna, radio effect is far better than a lot of Q3, Q3 radio weaker (Q3 D3 love with the island are sold, such as the need Q3 can search for purchase in the shop).

Pro now buy Jisong

USB charger + bag + beautiful + headphone winder

Product Standard: Host, lithium battery (1000 mA) , Usb data cable, certificate, manual service manual;

(Without memory card standard, you need to buy a memory card songbook cassette memory option)

six Great advantages rolled into one, old friends to send intimate gift (Very small and portable) .

1 easy to use, intelligent song: Body 0-9 large buttons, clickable 1-9999 first, thousands of song plays tap so easy, FM radio is also optional;

Easy to use 2, lasting power storage: Using BL-5C lithium battery, 5-7 hours of continuous playback;

Easy to use 3, TF card to play: Insert TF card automatically reads MP3 files on the card, plug and play;

Easy to use 4, line Downloaded: Contained in the standard charging cable can act as a data line, directly connected to a computer to download, no longer have to download the song and not worry about it;

Easy to use 5, the figures show: LED digital display, directly display the frequency;

6 easy to use, computer speakers: You can connect the computer as a small computer speakers;

<Note>: Songs need to insert TF card (And use the phone as a memory card),
The machine comes standard with no memory card! Need memory cards parents can choose freely with the package Oh!

Desheng D3 machines have black , white , red Three colors

The following is a country-sales warranty Desheng point address and contact information

REGION Desheng Radio Customer Service

South China

Service Center

Zip Code


Guangzhou City, 100 Department of Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address: Central City Road, Guangzhou City, the Hang Seng Building, 10th Floor, Block A, No. 203


020-8669 9469
020-8669 9620

Fuzhou Desheng Trading Co., Ltd.
Address: Fuzhou Gulou District Lake Road No. 72


0591-8760 2798

Fujian Shishi triple Trade Co., Ltd.
Address: Fujian Shishi City ninety - two Road No. 1133


0595-8888 9495

Wuhan Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. Electronic Parkway
Address: Wuhan Liji North Road, Electronic City 70 85


027-8541 3292Fax: 027-85422066

Furong District, Changsha island trading
Address: 2603 Triumph Building, Block A Furong District, Changsha Station Road (Station)



North China

Desheng Radio Beijing Service Center (Beijing Tian Yue Electronics Co., Ltd.)
Address: Room 2-2 Long Xili 41 three-unit building on the Beijing Dongcheng District Andingmen Dragon Garden


010-8411 1581

Tianjin Beijing electronics business
Address: Hongqiao District, Tianjin Bo Han alley floor 3C Digital City No. 1025 (Haihe for Parking)


022-8989 4543
022-5883 6256

Shijiazhuang one hundred sinks electrical wholesale unit
Address: 45 E District Shijiazhuang Tai Electronics Chengerlou


0311-8701 5388

Shijiazhuang Taihe Electronic City Beijing business
Address: Shijiazhuang Taihe Electronic Chengerlou F District 54


0311-8502 2276

Zhengzhou City of Long Electric
Address: Zhengzhou City Dehua Walking Street, number 85 of 28


0371-6693 3627

Huadong Region

Desheng Radio Shanghai Service Center
Address: Handan Road, Shanghai, Wuxi, Building A, Room 2002, No. 98


021-6142 5265

Nanjing Germany Trade Co., Ltd.
Address: 198 East Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Dragon Station International Building, Room 1111


025-84651442 84650427 84650453

Hangzhou Radio and Television Services
Address: Moganshan Road 88


0571-8884 5345

Yangzhou City daily Le Electronics summary
Address: 62 South Road, Yangzhou WENHE


0514-734 2185

Changzhou is crystal technology service center
Address: Changzhou City-South Road, 2nd Floor, Room A-235 238 Actel Digital Plaza


0519-8555 4166

Paco Wuxi City Trading Company
Address: Wuxi Mayor down Road No. 46


0510-8245 8314

Manulife Qingdao Xin Trading Company
Address: Qingdao Sifang District People's Road (bus terminus 401 Northridge 33


0532-495 5688Fax: 0532-4955868

Qingdao Seoul letter-commerce Co., Ltd.
Address: Hubei Road, Qingdao, third floor, 14 D


0532-876 8969

Linyi City Longsheng Appliance City
Address: Linyi City Huafeng Electric City No. 46-49


0539-835 3886

Southwest Region

Chongqing Wave Electric Co., Ltd.
Address: Yuzhong District Xinhua Road, No. 220, Xinhua Accord 27-1 (Arran Electronic City)



Chengdu Desheng Electronic Trading Co., Ltd.
Address: Chengdu Golden Temple electronic markets electrical store room floor, Block B 3 39


028-8608 3088
028-8323 0035

Sichuan Electric Snapshots
Address: Chengdu City God Temple Market No. 52 East Lane dry moat Lung Building Room 718


028-8322 2989
028-6680 3999

Guiyang City Octopus Digital Firm
Address: Room 416, 4th Floor, Yunyan District of Guiyang City Ruijin Ruijin Road 51 Business Building


0851-6551238Fax: 0851-655124

Yunnan Desheng Trading Company
Address: 10 No. 121 East Temple Street Dobashi attached Yunnan Kunming Road


0871-411 4098
0871-413 1877

North-east area

Kim of Shenyang City Trading Company
Address: River District, Shenyang City Wang Shen Yun Temple Road 35, A


024-2290 3243
024-2481 5181

Dalian Chen Peng Trade Co., Ltd.
Address: Dalian City Xigang food streets on the 18th (permanent Circuit City


0411-8409 3998

Harbin Yin make electrical shops
Address: No. 96-3, Harbin hang District Street trading


0451-8469 7207

Harbin Jun-Rui Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address: Daoli District, Harbin City side street No. 112 No. deputy -2


0451-8765 3809

Changchun City Shengda electrical lines
Address: Changchun, Chongqing Road 279, 6th Floor, World Peace Room A14


0431-8897 1804

North-west region

Desheng Radio service center in Xi'an
12 floor building Room 203 033 Unit 2 people Xi'an Jiefang Road Wanda Plaza Park



Lanzhou Jinde Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 271 Donggang West Road, Lanzhou City, northwest of e-commerce fourth floor of the hospital parking lot, Room 401


0931-861 3929
0931-862 8561
Turn 804

Xinjiang German Health Maintenance Department
Address: Urumqi Trade City School Street Posts furnace forty-three unit family member courtyard, Building 101 Room


0991-586 0973

Linxia City Desheng Radio Distribution Division (Jing Zhong Electric)
Address: South Road, No. 4-6 Linxia City, the liberation (two Long Hostel downstairs)


0930-631 6821

Xining City West Glorious Digital Firm
Address: Xining, Qinghai road victory No. 1-33 Electronic Computer west hall


0971-611 9977

Desheng Radio service center in Ningxia
Address: Ningxia Yinchuan City Center, Lane No. 7 on the fourth floor



Hong Kong and overseas

Desheng Hong Kong Company Address:
Room 1311, 13th Floor, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Yuen Road 55, Block A Hoi Luen Industrial Centre

852-2895 1586 852-2890 5617Warranty Regulations by radio, headset and charger will be shipped before the test machine to ensure that all good gifts do not warranty.