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Taiwan Youkang | crutches axillary Shuangai | aluminum alloy anti-skid stretching old single-disabled persons ukd2002

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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Huizhou City, Guangdong Province
  • Medical Devices Product Name: Youkang axillary Shui
  • Brand: YOU CAN TRUST / Youkind
  • Model: UKD-2002NE
  • Value-added services: seven days no reason to return
  • Implementation of standards: GB / T 191; GB / T 14730
  • Crutches category: axillary Shui
  • Registration No .: Guangdong Food and Drug Administration armed (quasi) words 2013 No. 2560449
  • Production enterprises: Huizhou Anton Hardware Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Disease: Ligament injury
  • Symptoms: sports injuries
  • Applicable to the crowd: short-term use of post-operative children and adolescents
  • Buy hot: peace of mind on the stick
  • Color Classification: Large double-applicable Height: 179-198CM Medium-sized dual-applicable Height: 153-178CM Small double-applicable Height: 136-152CM Medium single applicable Height: 153-178CM Trumpet for height : 136-152CM Large single applicable Height: 179-198CM