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Genuine testo 745 - testo745 non - contact voltage test pen

Genuine testo 745 - testo745 non - contact voltage test pen
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Product parameters:

  • Item: Electrician
  • Decoration and construction content: electrician
  • Work: Electrician
  • Accuracy: three and a half
  • Brand: Testo / Deutu
  • Model: 745

The testo745 non-contact voltage test pen is ideal for rapid initial inspection of suspected fault sources. It can filter high frequency interference signals and has two levels of sensitivity settings.

Product advantages:

  • Voltage range up to 1,000 V
  • According to IP 67 to take waterproof, dustproof measures
  • Suitable for phase detection or voltage display
  • Sound and light alarm function

product description

Testo745 non-contact voltage test pen compared with most other models on the market, it is equipped with high-frequency interference signal filter, can reliably detect the voltage, and sound and light alarm If the voltage, the instrument can be clear visual and auditory Signal warns.
The sensitivity of the instrument can be divided into two levels: Level 1 is phase detection, level 2 is voltage display, LED lighting can work safely in dark environment, IP 67 protection level for a variety of measurement environments.

Product included

Delivery configuration
Testo745 non-contact voltage test pen, with battery

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Degree of protection



2 years

Store the temperature

-15 ~ +60 ° C


63 g

Overvoltage Category

CAT IV 600V; CAT III 1000V




155 x 25 x 23 mm

Operating temperature

-10 ~ +50 ° C

AC voltage

Technical Parameters

Measuring range / Resolution

12 to 1000 V / 50 to 1000 (sensitivity 1), 1000/12 V (sensitivity 2)

Instrument Measurement Functions

Technical Parameters

Measuring point illumination