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Qin Mishu new piece diving suit male snorkeling surfing warm sunscreen long-sleeved jellyfish women

Qin Mishu new piece diving suit male snorkeling surfing warm sunscreen long-sleeved jellyfish women
Product code: 11140300030
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Sold quantity 2035
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Saqiner / Qinmeishu
  • Item No .: QSF715
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 388
  • Color Category: blue and white with no blue pad pink pad
  • Suitable for: Neutral
  • Sports Outdoor: Diving
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Time to market: 2014 summer
  • Size: XS (150-156cm) S (157-163cm) M (160-166cm) L (163-169cm) XL (166-172cm) 4XL (175-181cm) 5XL (178-185cm) XXL (169-175cm) XXXL (172-178cm)
  • The price range: 201-500 yuan

Diving suit selection guide (knowledge): (must see!)

Diving suit is divided into dry and wet two , More than 90% of the market diving suits, no matter how the thickness of allWet diving suit, suitable for ordinary civilian snorkeling vacation The advantage is to fit the skin, direct contact with the skin wearing, freedom of movement, wearing comfortable, but also perspiration, not restrictive action.

But more and more people want to buy Dry diving suits , But in fact, Dry diving suits are not suitable for swimming snorkeling use.
Dry diving suits are generally only suitable for marine rescue, underwater exploration salvage, oil development, bridge pier construction, dam plugging, aquaculture and other types of work As a work clothing , Because dry diving suits are basically made of double-sided foam compound neoprene, airtight,
Very heavy, which should be set to wear a cotton-padded jacket. Can not wear close-fitting. Want full waterproof combined with a fully enclosed mask and boots
Dry diving suit? 10M above the general clothing without exhaust valve, 10M the following clothes to bring the exhaust valve.
therefore Dry suit is not suitable for ordinary people swimming and vacation use , Do not produce ideological misunderstanding Oh!

A clear understanding of the difference between dry and wet, in order to better buy their own needs the right product!
OUR operating this section of thin diving suits, is wet, suitable for tropical seaside resort diving, as well as indoor and outdoor swimming.
Shop thick 3MM diving suits, but also wet, suitable for relatively deep diving, winter outdoor swimming to rely on the will,
Use this thick relative warmth, but also a little bit tired, looking for a fully warm swimsuit any business is not Ha!
Remember, waterproof = airtight! Sports fitness, airtight clothes is definitely not wear it!