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M Square Men 's and women' s travel large - capacity passport set ticket folder wallet multi - functional document package admission package card package

M Square Men
Product code: 1112000030
Unit price 7.84-9.44$
Sold quantity 17469
Available stock 28821

Product parameters:

  • Brand: M Square
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: Yes
  • Item: T131387
  • Time to market: winter 2013
  • made in China
  • Tag price: 119
  • Applicable gender: male and female general
  • (Buy 1 get 9) with a long section of the leopard leaf green (buy 1 get 9) long paragraph camouflage gray (buy 1 get 9) Buy a send 9 to send 9) long section of green (green to buy 1 to send 9) wide long mustard yellow (buy 1 get 9) with hand rope short paragraph point red hand rope long section elegant blue (buy 1 get 9) hand (Buy 1 get 9) long section classic black (buy 1 get 9) with the rope long section of the lavender purple hand with the rope Rope long paragraph camouflage red (buy 1 get 9) long section rose red (buy 1 get 9) with a long section of the band with a large gray air with a rope short paragraph with a short paragraph Hand strap short paragraph leopard green hand rope
  • The internal structure: the big note folder photo bit dark lattice change bit lock place zipper lattice card position card bit key bit check bit other passport bit
  • Time to market: winter 2013
  • Size: buy 1 get 9 two 9 fold

Msquare Multipurpose package package travel passport bag folder

Adopt thickening 300D Oxford fabric , Strong wear and tear

Bags can be included in the travel documents, air tickets, bills, cash, mobile phones, keys, signature pen, etc.

Two 10 fold

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