Two loaded to send pregnant women underwear cotton bra Jixia models big yards vest no steel care circle cross breastfeeding within

Two loaded to send pregnant women underwear cotton bra Jixia models big yards vest no steel care circle cross breastfeeding within

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: ENJOY PREG / enjoy pregnant
  • Model: 25082-2
  • Color classification: pink + green + white pink pink pink + blue + yellow + green + blue green white yellow green blue + yellow + blue + yellow + white black + white + yellow skin color optional color and number (photographed color and number of the message you want, no message random hair)
  • Size: L M XL XXL XXXL
  • Closed way: without open buckle
  • Have Rims: No steel prop
  • Material: Cotton (95% and above)
  • Style: shoulders with bra
  • Cup style: Full Cup
  • Mold cup thickness: thin mold cup
  • Lining Material: Cotton
  • Strap style: Fixed shoulder belt
  • Insert: No inserts
  • pattern: plain
  • Function: breastfeeding
  • Season: Any Season
  • Style: Simple

Breast pads are sent each a pair of low waist underwear two to send a package , Can choose any color and size! Send not shoot directly sent. What needs to send what color number can be written in a message to the seller, if not written in principle to send the same number of the same color, Breast pad is not a message directly standard gift! Panties link Click here to view:

Do not like underwear shop can be replaced with other similarly priced products, as long as the price is the same as (or less than the price of underwear) was replaced with Oh! Need to change the first contact customer service, did not contact the message is invalid!

This fabric is soft, full wrap, comfortable, breathable, sleep can wear, flexible, easy feeding, can be opened directly at the intersection, the color pretty seductive, such a nursing bra, pregnancy and lactation is undoubtedly the great love !

The bra is also suitable For mom, grandma The elderly to wear, shopkeeper gave his mother wore, my mother is very fond of saying, oh very comfortable to wear, to wear for a few months now, still good elasticity, showing that this fabric is tried and tested Oh!

Xinjiang, Tibet, Hainan, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas and other remote areas do not mail, you need to SF is not free shipping what

The connection is two containers, one shot is two oh! Each send one pair of breast pads, two supporting low waist underwear bra send one, you can choose the color and size! Send not shoot, will be sent directly , you need to send what color what numbers to write in a message to the buyer, there is no writing on the principle of priority to send the same number of the same color

Underwear can be unsuitable seven days no reason returned, underwear is not supported for return (return to others who do not want to receive underwear, imagine if I am here to support the return of panties, who would dare to come to buy my underwear) so gift underwear also do not support the return, but the occurrence of a return underwear, briefs required by the current price shop bought, if you do not like the underwear can not send a message or change other gifts, photographed representatives agreed that this agreement!

To make the underwear wearing stylish, gift shop breast pads selected film type Coaster

About breast pads Note: 1, there may be washed in the surface layer of cloth will fall off, but does not affect the use, (because when used underwear is caught in the middle, so the table cloth off does not affect the function) is not quality problems, sometimes not busy we will be shipped directly to the surface of the cloth ripped up, no tear busy parents who can decide whether or not to tear it.

2, some have received the goods above the invisible black spots, these spots are not moldy, but other colors floating in the air at the time of pressing workshop floating hair pressed into it when (a lot of pressing workshop loom while pressing different colors, black, brown, etc., high pressure high temperature pressed cause some hair floating to float in the air, if the pressure in white when this machine is just above the black cloth floating hair, there may be pressure to go.

Premiums mind just is not within the warranty oh.

Special note: This is a vest back, oh no breasted.