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Kokichi / MINIJ MINIJ 6 mini automatic frequency drum washing machine baby infant child cook wash temperature

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: MINIJ MINIJ 6
  • Time to market: 2015-10
  • Origin: Chinese mainland
  • Weight: 34kg
  • Power: 1200W
  • Packing size: 550x475x700mm
  • Stacking Limit: 3 stories
  • Dimensions: 500x415x630mm
  • Smart Type: other smart
  • Gross Weight: 37kg
  • Kg washing capacity: 2.8KG
  • Washing Machine Brand: MINIJ
  • Model: MINIJ 6
  • Dehydration power: 120W
  • Color Classification: White Cloud Man Blue Iris Pink Sweetheart
  • Product Type: drum washing machine
  • Use: Automatic
  • City services: city logistics delivery
  • Laundry procedure: Quick wash single drift single rejection single row of single-strength wash wash wash standard self-cleaning cartridge
  • Energy efficiency rating: two
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • Material inside the barrel: Stainless steel
  • Motor type: frequency motor
  • Drainage patterns: Under the drain
  • Opening and closing of the way: before the open