Stainless steel | license plate screws | special vehicles | solid seal buckle anti-theft license screw cap

Stainless steel | license plate screws | special vehicles | solid seal buckle anti-theft license screw cap

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Carich / Jun Cheng
  • Model: license plate frame screws
  • ABCDEFGHJKL8 full set of your word 8 full set of Xiang ABCDEFGHJKLMN8 full set of black words 8 full set of Liao word 8 full set of Lu ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQ8 full set of Yu ABCD8 full set of Anhui ABCDEFGHKLMNPQ8 full set of Guangdong ABCDEGHJLST8 full set of 8 full set of Sichuan word ABCDFGHJ8 Full set of Hebei ABCDE8 full set of Gan ABCDEFGHL8 full set of E ABCDEFHJKLMNQ8 stars full set of Shanghai word 8 full set Shaanxi ABCDK8 stars full set of Gui word ABC8 full set of Kyrgyz words 8 full set of Beijing word 8 full set of words 8 full set of clouds ABCDQKS8 full set of Yu word 8 Full set Su stars ABCDEFGHJKLMN8 full set of other words please take notes
  • Material: stainless steel
  • pattern: plain
  • Services: support the installation
  • Car logo design: Universal

Order this month, to send two sets of the same type of backup solid seal, a total of 10 groups of solid seal, first-served basis

Take note of the provinces you need short and letters!

For example, you are in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, please note: Zhejiang A.

For example, you are Nanjing, Jiangsu, please Note: Su A.

And so on, we will send you the letter of the corresponding lettering screws.

No note and do not need the letters of the guests, we address you directly to the letter without the letter of the screw fixed, such as: Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Beijing and Shanghai.

Options and the following figure in the letter can be shipped, if not please consult customer service can be.

Bidi car prices captured include:

Shop: Zinc alloy screws 8 + Zinc alloy solid seal 8 + Zinc alloy solid sealing base 8 + Zinc alloy Nuts 8 + (OUR additional Stainless steel anti - theft Screw 8) +Install the wrench 2 .

Other shops: Captured the price only: four screws fixed base, no Nuts no stainless steel screw no Install the wrench!

During the activity The top 800 Photographed guests, plus send steel Solid seal 2 groups spare

Also send the following other home is not equipped with:

Photographed the corresponding province of the option and then you need to abbreviate as well as letters, the picture shows the goods of the letters

As a result of meager profits, remote areas include: Xinjiang, Tibet needs to fill 10 yuan freight shipping, do not fill does not thank the cooperation.

special stainless steel Lengthened Hexagonal security Screws

Installation steps demonstration

Jun Cheng quality worthy of trust

Prices have been very low, not bargaining, Thank you for your cooperation.

Now the provisions of the regulation is nuts above the corresponding provinces can be referred to (we are the distribution with the word screw to you) For example, any city in Zhejiang as long as the use of 'Zhejiang' word of the nut, you can completely meet the traffic rules. .