3 loaded low-waist underwear U-shaped cotton underwear underwear underwear large size spring and winter

3 loaded low-waist underwear U-shaped cotton underwear underwear underwear large size spring and winter

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Zidong
  • Model: 20089-3
  • Color Classification: pink color yellow 1 each 2 yellow 1 pink 2 pink 1 yellow 3 pink 3 yellow 3 color 3 blue 3 green 3 white 3 black blue green white 1 Pink yellow blue one each pink yellow green one each pink yellow white one each pink yellow black one each pink blue green one each pink green white one each pink blue white one each pink blue black each 1 pink green black each 1 pink color blue 1 each pink color green each 1 pink color white 1 each message to the color and number (no message random hair)
  • Size: M XL XL XXL
  • The number of articles: 3
  • Waist is adjustable: not adjustable
  • Waist type: low waist
  • Style: flat pants
  • Material: Cotton (95% and above)
  • pattern: plain
  • Function: care abdomen
  • Clothing style details: bow

Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Hainan, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas and other remote areas do not need Fat SF does not what

The main underwear Composition of 95% cotton, 5% spandex The crotch is quan cotton

Because the four corners of a lot of people as underwear underwear to wear, so manufacturers are now revised for the same crotch and fabric color. Old and new version of the random delivery, mind the parents consider taking a good shot Oh photographed on behalf of agreed new and old version of random hair goods.

Note that the black because it is dark, so in the previous wash will inevitably have floating color fade like, mind carefully shot black Oh, the depth of color to be washed separately Oh!

Underwear belonging to personal privacy products, it can not be returned, no one wants to receive someone else back to the underwear, if I send someone else back to the underwear to you, even if I say people did not pass, say just looked at, it is estimated that you do not A person's body two people's health, so the underwear out of the warehouse will not go in. Quality problems that affect the wearing of big holes and other big problems, a small problem is small, Area dirty, a small number of errors between the number is not a quality problem, photographed on behalf of this agreement seen!