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Electric wheelchairs for the elderly disabled wheelchair folding light | elderly electric scooter with a seat

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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Zhejiang
  • Medical Device Product Name: Electric Wheelchair
  • Brand: good brother
  • Model: DW108
  • Value-added services: three-year warranty
  • Implementation of the standard number: YZB / Shanghai 6886-56-2014 "electric wheelchair"
  • Material: steel
  • Registration No.: Zhejiang Province
  • Production enterprises: Yongkang good brother Trade and Industry Company Limited
  • Disease: lower limb disability hemiplegia paraplegia fracture fracture traction osteoporosis osteoporosis
  • Symptoms: Older generations can not stand
  • Wheelchair type: Electric wheelchair
  • Applicable to the crowd: not limited to middle-aged and middle-aged and young children and adolescents
  • Optional hotspot: thicker cushion wider wheelchairs can be folded electric back can be folded large wheel stable wheel portable seat wheelchair tendon cloth cushions luxury comfortable light folding
  • Additional features: with handbrake pedal detachable anti-slip
  • Color Classification: lead-acid battery version -12A run more than 20 km lead-acid battery version-20A run 35-40 km lithium battery version-12A life more than three years to run 20 km lithium battery version -20A life of more than three years running 35-40 km Sitting-version-12A lead-acid batteries