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You Li special ZX7-200 inverter DC 220V portable mini hand - welding machine small household copper

Product code: -11003000030
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: ULITE / gifted special forces
  • Model: ZX7-200
  • (IGBT digital display) Package 1 Mini high with (IGBT digital) Package 2 Mini high with (IGBT digital display) Package three Mini high with (IGBT digital) Package four Mini (IGBT Digital) Package Five flagship models (IGBT digital) Official standard flagship models (IGBT digital) Package a flagship model (IGBT digital) Package II flagship models (IGBT digital) Package three flagship models (IGBT number (IGBT digital display) Package 1 Extreme models (IGBT digital) Package II Extreme models (IGBT digital display) Package three Extreme models (IGBT digital) Package four Extreme models (IGBT digital) package five mini-upgrade models (IGBT digital strap) official standard