'Buy 10 get one' in the research Taihe acupuncture needles disposable acupuncture needles | 500 needles / box | 10-pin a tube

'Buy 10 get one' in the research Taihe acupuncture needles disposable acupuncture needles | 500 needles / box | 10-pin a tube

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Origin: Wuxi
  • Product Name: acupuncture needles
  • Brand: in the research Taihe
  • Model: 2530
  • Production enterprises: Wuxi Jiayin Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
  • Acupuncture appliances types: Acupuncture needles Sunburn package needle Sunburn silver needles
  • Color classification: 0.16 * 7 0.18 * 10 0.18 * 13 0.18 * 25 (1 inch) 0.18 * 40 (1.5 inch) 0.20 * 25 (1 inch) 0.20 * 40 (1.5 inch) (1.5 inch) 0.22 * 50 (2 inch) 0.30 * 25 (1 inch) 0.30 * 40 (1.5 inch) 0.30 * 50 (2 inch) 0.30 * 1 inch) 0.25 * 40 (1.5 inch) 0.25 * 50 (2 inch) 0.25 * 75 (3 inch) 0.35 * 40 (1.5 inch) 0.35 * 50 (2 inch) 0.35 * Inch) Other models Message Remarks

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Single order full 80 yuan 包邮 (Not including the region: Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, overseas)

In the research Taihe licensing sterile acupuncture needles 500 pieces / box

Packing: 50 bags per bag, each bag 10Support a branch tube, 500Needles per box Sterile disposable size is complete

Note: Take The following specifications, please shoot 'other specifications' and comments: 0.16 * 25, 0.16 * 40, 0.18 * 25, 0.20 * 40 0.30 * 13, 0.18 * 40, 0.22 * 13, 0.25 * 30, 0.35 * 60 0.35 * 75 0.30 * 60

Specifications Model Table





















0.16 mm

0.18 mm

0.20 mm

0.22 mm

0.25 mm

0.30 mm

0.35 mm

0.40 mm

It is made of stainless steel wire, which is beautiful and easy to use. It is stable and reliable in quality and has smoothness of needle tip. The needle is made of stainless steel wire. , Sharp needle high strength, good toughness. Unique needle handle, needle body structure, an effective solution to the needle body easily with the handle from the loose problem, more convenient for the majority of acupuncture doctors use a variety of techniques; , Making the needle when the resistance is small, the needle into the skin quickly, no pain, the patient easy to accept. Company products sell well at home and abroad 80Many countries and regions, excellent quality, reputable, courteous service, the majority of users at home and abroad by the trust and praise.

How to select a good needle acupuncture it?

First, look at the acupuncture needle body smoothness: we can feel under the hand, a good pin to touch the slide of Zizi breeding!

Second, look at acupuncture needle tip is sharp: This is more trouble, not afraid of friends to try their own pain, good acupuncture needles do not feel pain after the needle! According to the degree of fleshy parts of acupuncture to choose different lengths of short and long needle, short hair is generally used for scalp and other thin places, and long needle for the waist, buttocks, thighs and other muscle rich Department.As well as through when you can use long needle. The most commonly used is 40mm, generally known as an inch and a half. According to the doctor's habits and sensitivity to choose a different thickness, the most commonly used needle diameter is 0.25-0.30mm, the body can be used in most places. Facial acupuncture is generally used with smaller needles.

First, the acupuncture needle from the length (pointer body) points there Common specifications are: 13mm (half inch), 25mm (one inch), 40mm (one inch and a half), 50mm (two inches), 60mm (two inches), 75mm (three inches)
25 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm
Most commonly used!

Second, acupuncture needles from the thickness of points are: common specifications, special specifications
Commonly used specifications are: 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm!
0.25mm 0.30mm 0.35mm of which the most commonly used, 0.25mm and in the beauty of the use of more!

Smooth and sharp, needle body straight, easy to enter the needle, feel good, apply acupuncture pain is small.Effective prevention of cross-infection in the treatment of acupuncture.Straight needle body connected firmly, reasonable shape, set ancient, old, All five characteristics.

Model specifications

0.16X7mm Half-inch face needle


0.16X25mm one inch

0.16X40mm one Inch half Old Chinese commonly used

0.18X10mm Half-inch face needle

0.18 X 13 mm Half-inch face needle

0.18X25mm one inch Old Chinese commonly used


0.18X40mm an inch and a half Old Chinese commonly used

0.20X25Mm inch


0.20X40mm an inch and a half

0.22 X 13 mm Half-inch face needle

0.22X25mm one inch

0.22X40mm an inch and a half


0.25X13mm half-inch novice commonly used

0.25X25mm inch novice commonly used


0.25X40mm half inch novice commonly used (Weight loss special)

0.25X50mm two inches

0.25X60mm two inches and a half
0.25X75mm three inches
0.30X13mm half-inch face needle novice commonly used

0.30X25mm one inch novice commonly used
0.30X40mm half inch novice commonly used
0.30X50mm two inches
0.30X60mm two inches and a half
0.30X75mm three inches

0.35 * 25 inch novice commonly used

0.35 * 40 half inch novice commonly used

0.35 * 50 two-inch novice commonly used

0.35 * 60 two inches and a half

0.35 * 75 three inches

0.40X25mm one inch

0.40X40mm an inch half old Chinese medicine commonly used
0.40X50mm two-inch old Chinese medicine commonly used
0.40X60mm two inches and a half
0.40X75mm three inches

Recently take the amount of relatively large, please pro-check with the customer before buying a good model,

50 boxes per box, a box of a specification, a box of 500root Welcome your purchase!