Zhongyan Taihe disposable sterile acupuncture needles acupuncture needles sterile stylet 500 / Box 10 pin a

Zhongyan Taihe disposable sterile acupuncture needles acupuncture needles sterile stylet 500 / Box 10 pin a

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Origin: Wuxi
  • Health Products Product Name: Acupuncture needles
  • Brand: new peak
  • Model: 0.25 * 25
  • Manufacturer: Wuxi-kai Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
  • Acupuncture appliance types: acupuncture needle acupuncture acupuncture needles pack
  • Color classification: 0.16 * 7 0.18 * 10 0.18 * 13 0.18 * 25 (1-inch) 0.18 * 40 (1.5 inch) 0.20 * 25 (1-inch) 0.20 * 40 (1.5 inch) 0.22 * 25 (1-inch) 0.22 * 40 (1.5 inch) 0.22 * 50 (2-inch) 0.30 * 25 (1-inch) 0.30 * 40 (1.5 inch) 0.30 * 50 (2-inch) 0.30 * 75 (3-inch) 0.35 * 25 (1-inch) 0.25 * 25 ( 1 inch) 0.25 * 40 (1.5 inch) 0.25 * 50 (2-inch) 0.25 * 75 (3-inch) 0.35 * 40 (1.5 inch) 0.35 * 50 (2-inch) 0.35 * 75 (3-inch) 0.30 * 60 (2.5 inch) other models message Remarks

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Zhongyan Taihe brand sterile acupuncture needles 500 / box

Packaging: pack of 50 bags, each bag 10A branch needle tube, 500Needle pack support Sterile disposable full size

Note: Take Please take the following specifications 'other specifications' message and specify: 0.16 * 25 0.16 * 40 0.18 * 25 0.20 * 40 0.30 * 13 0.18 * 40 0.22 * 13 0.25 * 30 0.35 * 0.35 * 60 75 0.30 * 60

Specifications Model Table





















0.16 mm

0.18 mm

0.20 mm

0.22 mm

0.25 mm

0.30 mm

0.35 mm


Zhongyan Taihe brand sterile disposable acupuncture needles, is using the world's latest technology popular carefully made, the needle handle made of stainless steel wire, nice, easy to use needle into the needle. Product quality is stable, reliable, with rounded tip , sharp, needle high strength, good toughness unique handle needle, needle body structure, effective solution to the needle and the needle is easy to handle from loosening problems easier vast acupuncturist administering various means; due to the sharp tip so little resistance when the needle tip into the skin quickly, no pain, patients tend to accept. Our products are sold abroad 80Many countries and regions, excellent quality, reputable, courteous service, customers get the trust and praise at home and abroad.

How to select a good acupuncture needles do?

First, look at acupuncture needles needle smoothness: we can hand down to feel good needle feels slippery Zizi's!

Second, look at acupuncture needle tip is sharp: this is more trouble, not painlessly friends try it yourself ... Ok acupuncture needle after the needle can not feel pain! According to the degree of flesh rich acupuncture to select different parts of the length of the needle, the needle is generally used for short scalp thin places, and long needle used for the waist, hips, thighs and other muscle rich place.Also through thorn when you can use a long needle. The most common is 40mm, commonly referred to as a half inches. Doctors accustomed to choose different thickness and sensitivity according to the most commonly used needle diameter 0.25-0.30mm, the body can be used in most places. Facial Acupuncture generally use smaller needles.

First, acupuncture needles from the length (the pointer itself) divided Common specifications are: 13mm (half inch), 25mm (one inch), 40mm (a half inches), 50mm (two inches), 60mm (two and a half inches), 75mm (three inches)
Wherein 25mm, 40mm, 50mm
The most common!

Second, acupuncture needles from the thickness divided: common specifications, special specifications
Common specifications are: 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm!
The most common of which 0.25mm 0.30mm 0.35mm, 0.25mm and cosmetically with more!

Smooth and sharp, straight needle, the needle is easy to feel good, small facilities needle pain. Acupuncture treatment to effectively prevent cross-infection. Needle shank needle firmly connected, reasonable shape, collection of ancient, old, new, excellent, full five characteristics.

Model Specifications

0.16X7mm Half-inch needle face


0.16X25mm inch

0.16X40mm a Cunban Old traditional medicines are used

0.18X10mm Half-inch needle face

0.18X13mm Half-inch needle face

0.18X25mm inch Old traditional medicines are used


0.18X40mm a half inches Old traditional medicines are used

0.20X25mm inch


0.20X40mm a half inches

0.22X13mm Half-inch needle face

0.22X25mm inch

0.22X40mm a half inches


0.25X13mm cede novice common

0.25X25mm inch novice common


0.25X40mm a half inches novice common (Special diet)

0.25X50mm inches

0.25X60mm two and a half inches
0.25X75mm silver
0.30X13mm half inch needle novice face common

0.30X25mm inch novice common
0.30X40mm a half inches novice common
0.30X50mm inches
0.30X60mm two and a half inches
0.30X75mm silver

0.35 * 25 inch common novice

0.35 * 40 novice commonly a half inches

0.35 * 50 inches novice common

0.35 * 60 two and a half inches

0.35 * 75 silver

0.40X25mm inch

0.40X40mm a half inches old Chinese medicine commonly used
0.40X50mm old Chinese medicine commonly used two-inch
0.40X60mm two and a half inches
0.40X75mm silver

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