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Cashmere line | Ordos pure cashmere line | wool line | clearance special | woven

Product code: -10961100030
Unit price 2.88$
Sold quantity 46411
Available stock 82442
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2015
  • Brand: Snow Mountain Red Lotus
  • Wool Material: cashmere
  • Item: syr01
  • Color Classification: 619-sapphire blue 609-light pink 624-coupling 644-light red 605-red 612-fruit green 626-light gray 642-wine red 650-Qiuxiang green 615-chicken yellow 634-camel 630-violet 604-Deep Rose 610-White 636-Camel 613-Grass Green 658-Peach Red 617-Medium Gray 659-Camel 608-Radish Heart Description 62 colors available in stock. Can not shoot the message can be. 640-dark blue 656-sauce yellow
  • Pricing Unit: Others
  • Wool thickness: in fine wool

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