New energy ZX7-315 400 220V / 380V industrial-type dual voltage inverter DC MMA welding machine

New energy ZX7-315 400 220V / 380V industrial-type dual voltage inverter DC MMA welding machine

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: New Energy
  • Model: ZX7-400
  • Color Classification: ZX7-400 (380V) standard ZX7-400 (380V) Package 1 ZX7-400 (380V) Package 2 ZX7-400 (380V) Package 3 ZX7-400 (380V) Package 4 ZX7-400 (380V) Package 5 ZX7-315 (dual voltage) standard ZX7-315 (dual voltage) Package 1 ZX7-315 (dual voltage) Package 2 ZX7-315 (dual voltage) Package 3 ZX7-315 (dual voltage) Package 4 ZX7-315 ( dual voltage) Package 5 ZX7-400 (dual voltage) standard ZX7-400 (dual voltage) Package 1 ZX7-400 (dual voltage) Package 2 ZX7-400 (dual voltage) Package 3 ZX7-400 (dual voltage) Package 4 ZX7-400 (dual voltage) Package 5 ZX7-400 supporting 5 m wire

Big release price limit Some of the goods involved in [] Time: 2016.07.20 - 2016.09.20
Single orders over 360 Yuan, minus 15 yuan
Single orders over 500 Yuan, minus 20 yuan
Single orders over 700 Yuan, minus 30 yuan
Single orders over 1000 Yuan, minus 35 yuan
Single orders over 1500 Yuan, minus 50 yuan
Single orders over 2000 Yuan, minus 70 yuan
Single orders over 3000 Yuan, minus 120 yuan
Limit limit first-served basis

Note: The new energy ZX7-315A / 400A inverter welding solemn commitment to the various components of 100% new material is a completely different number 400S on foot machines and weight of the machine and the number of components 315S, do not use small capacitor or small IGBT hodge Used disassemble parts, any discrepancy can be no reason to return, we are responsible for return shipping.

Note: This welder full load power 12000W, load rate of 60% for long welding site 4.0 Recommended welding electrode welding operation 1.5-20MM various sheet thickness.

Note: The new energy welder 8 major advantages: 1, the whole network using welding machine 2, more than 9000 hours of high-quality brand-new fifth-generation IGBT tube capacitive 3, SMT (SMD robot) new console 4, an amorphous structure transformer 5 , secure high-speed intelligent fan 6, radiator 7 of the same type of high-quality, high-quality new materials double PC board 8, is very energy efficient Inverter welding machine.