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Children autumn clothing round neck suit children's underwear sets cotton baby Qiuyi Qiuku boys and girls warm pajamas

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Kay rain love
  • Safety class: Class A
  • Material Composition: Cotton 100%
  • Color Classification: puppy 'low collar' monkey 'low collar' deer 'low collar' bear 'low collar' red cherry 'low collar' yellow orange 'low collar' pink peach 'low collar' big watermelon 'low collar' purple Grape 'low collar'
  • Article number: KB3301001
  • Height: 70 yards' for height 110cm-120cm 'formaldehyde-free phosphor 75' for height 120cm-130cm '40 combed cotton 80 yards' for height 130cm-140cm' baby material 85 yards' for height 140cm -150cm 'New Special Price 90 yards' for height 150cm-160cm' shrinkage is very low does not affect the size
  • Underwear texture: cotton (cotton content of 100%)
  • suitable season: winter
  • Function: Warm moisture sweat antistatic antibacterial deodorant moisture wicking home
  • Applicable Gender: Neutral
  • Underwear for ages: 11-13 years of age 1-3 years of age 7-9 years of age 9-11 years of age