KT-50 induction wood moisture tester moisture tester moisture meter Moisture Meter water tester

KT-50 induction wood moisture tester moisture tester moisture meter Moisture Meter water tester

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Tai Ji
  • Model: KT-50
  • Item No: KT-50
  • Color Classification: KT-50 + battery + zero ordinary small screwdriver KT-50 + Charger Kit + zero small screwdriver
  • Renovation and construction content: Installation Engineering

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★ advanced electromagnetic sensing technology to penetrate the wood to a depth of 50mm, generating a three-dimensional magnetic field measurement. Therefore, it is highly accurate for Wood Moisture Meter.

★ 40 seconds after the instrument is switched off automatically, effectively save energy, protect the instrument longer use.

★ instrument provided with a low voltage display, when the display shown on the left LOBAT, remind users to replace the power supply.


To be detected air-dry density (g / cm3)




0.4< ρ< 0.6


0.6≤ρ< 0.7


0.7≤ρ< 0.8



First, the technical indicators

1, measuring range: 0 to 100%

2, Display: LCD display

3, the density adjustment: 300 ~ 1000kg / m3 (1-5 files)

4, scanning depth: 0 ~ 50mm

5, Accuracy: ± 0.5%

6, volume, weight: 120 × 60 × 26 (mm), 150g

Second, the use

Density adjustment switch:

1Profile: paulownia, white Tong, Japanese cedar, fir, spruce, fir, Fujian cypress, pine, fir Cangshan, scale spruce, Podocarpus, yellow Polo, maple, mountain pine, aspen, poplar, white chanterelles, pine wave Lai, big-leaf paint, Luo winter day, Bei Lubu. ( ~ 0.4)

2Profile: walnut catalpa, maple, willow, basswood, yellow Polo, mangrove trees, sassafras, toon, large-leaved elm, hemlock, alder, camphor, Flowers Cryptocarya, Neolitsea, big leaf elm, ginkgo, Keteleeria, pine, Yunnan pine, alder yellow, purple linden, elm lobed leaves, sweet gum, Zhen Nan Melia, flowers palm trees, superba, orientalis, Pinus sylvestris, Douglas fir, Ailanthus, alder, mountain acacia, cedar, five foot pear, Changbai larch, cork, horse find Curcuma, birds fight hemp, wood barrels, Boluo Lan, Bust Ma, Ma Huang playing, pool red wood, white wood pool, Huang Chi wood, mountain laurel, mountain three, sumac, cork maple, maple, sweet gum, wood buildings, mountain durian, longan Hill, Ma Zhang, playing Ling, spring, nine cakes, ginnala. (0.4~ 0.6)

3Profile: oak, chestnut, birch, Betula costata, Hinggan larch, Sorbus wood, Ash, Dutch wood, rosewood, Ash, Meranti, wood color, Qi wood, teak, red vertebra, Chongyang wood, Phoebe , Hornbeck wood, pull Gan, sorbitol, fibreboard, MDF. (0.6~ 0.7)

4Profile: Jue oak, black locust, beech, beech, beech, Maple Leaf, Castanea henryi, red beans, eucalyptus, black tip of, Baltic wood, tip of red meat, camphor wood, bamboo (.0.7~ 0.8)

5Profile: persicum, Trimeresurus glauca, Quercus, following the wood, ebony, hemp oak, ironwood, catechu, sycamore, rosewood flower, yellow crown wood, Chinese pistache, stone oak, leaflets Hedley wood, chicken Jane, long capsule clams wood, lychee, fine sub-long, tip of oil, Whetstone Aberdeen, Aberdeen, pine, plum rouge, Garland should also sand, red sandalwood, canoe trees. (0.8~ )