Pigeon Breast Pads 120 one-time anti-galactorrhea paste can not wash cotton pad Yinai pregnant women leak milk paste

Pigeon Breast Pads 120 one-time anti-galactorrhea paste can not wash cotton pad Yinai pregnant women leak milk paste

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Pigeon / Pigeon
  • Pigeon Product Number: QA23
  • Style: Disposable
  • Specifications: 120
  • Product Number: QA23

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Brands Pigeon Name Pigeon Breast Pads 120 loaded
Num. QA23 specification 120
Diameter 12cm weight 0.5kg

Production date: The babe with the entity synchronize sales, production date is new, oh, pro Please rest assured purchase!

I. Features
1. Dry, breathable, impermeable, 3-stage absorption structure can be firmly absorb spilled milk, farewell leakage trouble.
2. The diffusion-type absorber layer, 'rapid absorption polymerization' technique, breast pads center special polymer can be completely absorbed spilled milk and moist skin moisture through capillary action, keeping the nipple skin clean and dry.
3. more effective polymer absorber, absorption and strong and keep dry and breathable.
4. reassuring back waterproof layer design to prevent rewet.
5. Natural body contour curve shape can cover breast and remain fixed, gentle care of the breast, not deformed after absorbing water, natural and comfortable.
6. The bonding with the skin surface using softer material, sensitive skin can also be safe to use.
7. thinner and more lightweight, not wearing underwear look like other thick breast pad can be displayed affect the comfort and aesthetics.
8. The dual slip tape, and lingerie firm fit, easy to slip bit.

Second, Frequently Asked Questions
Q: About how much time must be changed every breast pads?
A: Make every 3-4 hours for a breast pad breast milk is rich in nutrients, along with body temperature, breast pads inside of the perishable and mildew phenomena take frequent replacement...
Q: What breast pads are made of?
A: breast pad surface polyolefin such as polyethylene anti-free cloth soft and comfortable, fit the skin to better absorb galactorrhea, breast pads inside into the amount of polymer...
Q: What buffer layer?
A: Rapid absorption, uniformly dispersed structure, so that galactorrhea can instantly absorb and prevent rewet.
Q: Compared with the current product, what significant improvements?
A: Because consumers reflect folds original product tingling phenomenon, so the three-dimensional forming method has been changed from the original fold-type adhesive type can be designed in such a shape more fitting chest, dressed incognito. The basic properties (leak-proof, water absorption, etc.)