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Pigeon anti - galactorrhea pad 100 +32 one - time non - washable anti - galactorrhea paste milk pad pad leak milk overflow milk

Pigeon anti - galactorrhea pad 100 +32 one - time non - washable anti - galactorrhea paste milk pad pad leak milk overflow milk
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Pigeon / Pigeon
  • Pigeon Item: QA23
  • Style: one time
  • Specifications: 120 tablets
  • Item No .: QA23

Pigeon anti-spread pad new upgrade 120 +12 pieces of portable wipes 3 pack (8 pumping / bag)
Now every day to buy two packs of milk pads are sent to send baby early childhood story machine 1 gift is limited,
Brand Pigeon Name Pigeon anti-galactorrhea pad 120 installed
Item number QA23 specification 120 pieces
Product diameter 12cm weight 0.5kg

Production date: the baby and the entity simultaneously sales, the production date is new Oh, pro please rest assured to buy!

First, the product features
1. Dry, breathable, non-leaking, 3-stage absorption structure, can be firmly absorbed spilled milk, bid farewell to leakage trouble.
2. Diffusion-type absorption layer, 'rapid polymerization absorption' technology, the special center of the breast pad can be completely absorbed through the capillary action of the overflow of milk and moisture and moisture, keep the nipple skin clean and dry.
3. More effective polymer absorber, strong absorption and keep dry and breathable.
4. Relaxed back waterproof layer design, to prevent back infiltration.
5. Natural body contour curve shape, can cover the breast and keep a fixed, gentle care of the breast, after the water will not be deformed, natural and comfortable.
6. With the skin to meet the surface with more soft material, sensitive skin can also be comfortable to use.
7. thinner and more light, worn in the underwear in the appearance will not be as other thick milk pad can show the impact of comfort and beauty.
8. Double anti-skid tape, and underwear fit, easy to slide.

Second, common problems
Q: How much time has to be changed?
A: Please change the milk pad every 3-4 hours. Breast milk is rich in nutrients, accompanied by body temperature, milk inside the prone to corruption and mildew phenomenon. Please pay attention to frequent replacement.
Q: What is the material of the breast pad?
A: The surface of the milk pad is made of polyolefin such as polyethylene, and it is soft and comfortable and fit the skin.To better absorb galactorrhea, put the appropriate amount of polymer in the milk pad.
Q: What is the buffer layer?
A: rapid absorption, uniform dispersion of the structure, so that ejaculation can be instantaneous absorption, and to prevent back infiltration.
Q: What are the obvious improvements compared to current products?
A: As a result of consumers to reflect the original product folds will be stinging and so on, so the three-dimensional method has been changed from the original fold type of adhesive type. Such a shape design can be more fit the chest, wear no trace Basic performance (anti - leakage, water absorption, etc)