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Apple Lenovo notebook computer bag men | Ms. 13.3 / 14 inch 15.6-inch notebook bag | briefcase

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Product parameters:

  • Color classification: sweet taro purple gray beige gray white pink purple red black
  • Style: hand-written style
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Size: 11 inch 12 inch 13 inch 14 inch 15.6 inch
  • Style: Simple
  • Brand: CARD LU SI / Kalusi
  • Model: K990

Impact of sales of computer bags!

Special note, now to buy, without waiting for double-12, this section of the computer bag, do not participate in large-scale promotion activities, and now is the event price.

Many buyers choose!

Many buyers of the score sure!

A product to do sales front, is not easy, tens of thousands of days of the cat business, thousands of computer bags, how to break the tight encirclement, at least to meet the following 3 points:
First of all , Things are better quality, we do not have cheap PU, do not have poor texture of the rough canvas, the two are easy to chapped (crack a slit and then split the whole), the use of frequent words a few months to go wrong, we use High-cost waterproof nylon fabric, the durability of the fabric are familiar with the pro. Want to break? Not so easy Oh!
second , The style is better, no matter how good the quality of things, the appearance of ugly, it is also unwanted, our package is simple and lightweight design (in fact, this size is the first Apple computer design, we later changed the size specifications , Now you can fit a variety of conventional computers, and the size of the following description of Oh), get rid of the traditional thick and heavy computer bag, bring a new experience, but also the hearts of the majority of buyers want the style. With a lot of buyers is to say: This is a fancy to them on the style!
third , The price must be low. Or else we can not produce explosive sales. Otherwise, how do we within a day of sales will be more than a month or two months of sales, it is simple, ah, the store to sell more than a hundred, The profit of this package since the shelves a few months, replenishment countless times.
, Or give away their own good package!

Card Lusi new thin computer bag

Now do low-cost sales! And comes with a kit of the same color, send a universal keyboard film!

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Buy before the must-see! FAQ! (Must look, be sure to see oh)

(1) Q: your home computer bag this package needs extra liner bag it?

A: The pro-Hello, package, although the light style, but the material is very thick: our computer bag is a three-tier design, the outer layer of durable and beautiful nylon waterproof, the middle layer of earthquake-resistant foam can play buffer Seismic effect, the key is that we have a layer inside the bag with a soft soft velvet, you can effectively protect your computer set is not scratch scratch. No additional liner bag Oh! Both sides have three side bags, power cord and mouse can be put in! In short: shock, scratch, power mouse, a bag to get Oh!

(2) Q: I was 10-inch computer how to choose it? Mouse power to put it?

A: pro-Hello, 10-inch, 10.1-inch computer, recommended 11-inch, 11.6-inch Apple notebook, also recommended the election of 11-inch.

(3) Q: I was 12.1-inch computer how to choose? 12.5-inch it, the mouse power to put it?

A: The pro-Hello, 12.1 and 12.5-inch computer if you choose this package, choose 12-inch, put 12.1-12.5-inch computer, the right to recommend a friend like to start, (if it is Apple contact customer service Oh)

(4) Q: I was 13.3-inch computer how to choose it? Mouse power can put it

A: The pro-Hello, 13.3-inch computer to choose 13-inch package on the line, the mouse power can be put. Parents do not have to worry about fit, because the package is relatively loose Oh. Computer also selected 13-inch)

(5) Q: I was 14-inch computer how to choose it? Mouse power can put it

A: Hello, if your 14-inch computer's thickness of 4 cm or less, you choose 14-inch package on the line, the mouse power can be put. Computer models, our customer service can help you query)

(6) Q: I was 15.6-inch computer how to choose it? Mouse power can put it

A: The pro-Hello, 15.6-inch computer you shoot 15-inch on the line. Our 15-inch refers to the 15.6-inch, the computer bag is written on the label is 15.6-inch, pro-peace of mind to buy bags have two side bags, Mouse power can be put, but if your 15.6 computer's thickness exceeds our computer bag thickness 5 cm, then you can not use our this package, and can only use the traditional computer bag. Thickness you just use a ruler or you tell us about the amount of customer service your computer model, our customer service can help you query)

(7) Q: Is this a gift? Which courier you made it?

A: The pro-Hello, this is now the default 10-12-inch package to send the mouse pad, 13-14-15.6-inch bag, send laptop keyboard film, without photographed, the default will give you the distribution. Tact, STO, if you need to send other courier, you contact our customer service to confirm Oh.

How much to send the accessories bag, packet folded after: Length 20 cm, width 13 cm, you can put laptop power cord, or mouse and other accessories.

14-inch and 14.6-inch keyboard, choose the 15-inch keyboard, send 15.6-inch keyboard, 14-inch and 15.6-inch, select the 12-inch package, send the mouse pad, choose 13-inch and 14-inch package, membrane.