Lenovo Asus Dell laptop bag waterproof laptop sleeve Ms. M 13.3 / 14-inch 15.6-inch

Lenovo Asus Dell laptop bag waterproof laptop sleeve Ms. M 13.3 / 14-inch 15.6-inch

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color Category: taro purple blue gray beige white gold pink purple orange black
  • Styles: Notebook sleeve sleeve
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: 12 inches 13 inches 14 inches 15 inches
  • Style: Simple
  • Brand: CARD LU SI / card Lu Si
  • Model: K990

Good pro, express normal delivery oh Pro who orders directly on the line, all orders we try to give you the day of issue! Our hair rhyme, tact, STO!

The impact of sales of laptop bag!

Many buyers choose!

Many buyers ratings affirmation!

A product to achieve sales front, is not easy, the country tens of thousands of Lynx businesses, tens of thousands of computer bags, how to break the siege, at least to comply with the following three points:
First of all , What quality is better, we do not cheap PU, do not rough canvas texture poor, both of which are easily cracked (split out a section of the slit and the whole split), frequent use of the words a few months on the problem, we use costly process waterproof nylon fabric, fabric dirt understand about the durability of the pro want to ruin? not so easy oh!
second , Style better, something even the best quality, the appearance of ugly, that nobody wanted, and we have this package is thin minimalist design (in fact, at first, this is the size of the Apple computer design, we later make changes to dimensions can now be adapted to a variety of conventional computer, select the size below illustrate oh), away from the traditional thick and heavy computer bag, new experience, but also the hearts of the majority of buyers want to style. Many buyers use the words: This is a fancy their style!
third , The price must be low. Otherwise not generate explosive sales. Otherwise, how we sold in one day would be more than a month or two months, the store sold it, very simple ah, the store sold more than one hundred, we sell a package of dozens of top since the profit of the package. this from the shelves a few months, replenishment countless times.
, To give as gifts or personal use of a good package!

The new card Lu Si thin computer bag

Low sales now make 39 yuan, large 15.6-inch also for only 41!!! The same color and comes with a kit, send a universal keyboard membrane!!!

A very cost-effective!!!

Buy before must-see! FAQ! (Unmissable unmissable oh)

(1) Q: Do you need extra home computer package then this liner bag?

Answer: Hello parents, although the package is thin style, but the material is very thick: Our laptop bag is a three-tier design, the outer layer of durable waterproof nylon and beautiful appearance, the use of an intermediate layer of foam can cushion the shock seismic effects, the key is that our package which also uses a layer of delicate soft flannel, can effectively protect your computer cover scratches scratch. no need to use additional sleeve Oh!!! then bag there are three pockets on both sides, power cord and mouse can go into short:! shock, scratch, mouse, power supply, a bag to get Oh!

(2) Q:? I am a 10-inch computer mouse power it can choose how to put it?

Answer: Hello parents, 10-inch, 10.1-inch computer pro who do not look this up, this is a small 13-inch computer use.

(3) Q: I am a 12.1-inch 12.5-inch computer how do choose it, you can put the mouse power??

Answer: Hello parents, 12.1 and 12.5-inch computer if you choose this package, choose 12-inch, put the computer 12.1-12.5 inch, suitable like friends recommended to start, (if it is, then contact Apple customer service, oh).

(4) Q: I am a 13.3-inch computer how to choose? Mouse Power can put it

Answer: Hello parents, 13.3-inch 13-inch computer select the package on the line, the mouse can put the power of parents who do not worry about fit, because the package more relaxed Oh (if it is, then contact Apple customer service, oh).

(5) Q: I am a 14-inch computer how to choose? Mouse Power can put it

Answer: Hello parents, or less if the thickness of your 14-inch computer 4 cm, 14-inch package of your choice on the line, you can put the power of the mouse (the thickness of the PC you simply click a ruler or you tell us your customer service. computer models, our customer service can help you search)

(6) Q: I am a 15.6-inch computer how to choose? Mouse Power can put it

Answer: Hello parents, 15.6-inch 15-inch computer that you shot on the line of our 15-inch 15.6-inch refers to the label on the package to write computer is 15.6 inches, pro feel comfortable buying the bag has two side pockets. mouse power can be put. However, if your computer's thickness of 15.6 exceeded our computer bag thickness of 5 cm, then you can not use this package we can only use traditional computer package. (computer You just use the ruler to measure the thickness or if you tell us what your customer's computer model, our customer service can help you search)

(7) Q: The gifts have you? What made you express it?

Answer: Hello parents, this is now the default 12-inch package delivery mouse pad, 13-14-15.6 inch package, send laptop keyboard membrane without photographed, by default we will give you distribution is fat rhyme, tact. STO, if you need other express, contact our customer service to confirm Oh.

Get accessory packet how big the packet after folded: length 20 cm, width 13 cm, can put laptop power cord, mouse, or other accessories.

Laptop keyboard membrane presented, there are 14-inch and 15.6-inch, choose 12-inch package, send mouse pad, choose 13-inch and 14-inch package, sending 14-inch keyboard membrane, choose 15-inch package, sent 15.6-inch keyboard membrane.