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Baiguang 18650 lithium battery charger 26650 flashlight intelligent self-stop charge anti-reverse single slot 3.7V

Baiguang 18650 lithium battery charger 26650 flashlight intelligent self-stop charge anti-reverse single slot 3.7V
Product code: 10820300030
Unit price 2.69-7.97$
Sold quantity 8375
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: PALIGHT
  • B: original charger +18650 (2300 mA) package C: original charger +18650 (2800 mA) Package D: original charger +26650 (5600 mAh), the original charger ) Package
  • Item: PALIGHT can charge
  • Time to market: 2013 winter

Warning users:
buy Inferior-brand Cheap battery , Harm to others (Explosion, fire, and so on!) If you really understand lithium?
Not to mention there are cheaper, even if it is Do not give me money!

Now, all upgrades on the map of the new ES1, more stable and more reliable! Pictures have been updated, the above two pictures prevail!

To allow users to use the original, to ensure user safety! Impulse to 16.8 yuan!

Buy a set more provinces!

Charger can charge: 18650, 10440, 26650, 16340, 14500, and so the lithium-ion battery ...

Note: The charging voltage from: 3.7-4.2V, and special charge lithium-ion battery, other batteries can not charge; purchase, make sure that your battery voltage within this range can be used only part of 26650 lithium may cause long head Partial offset must be manually recharged.

Note: Do not use low-quality lithium, low-quality lithium in the use and charging process are likely to spontaneous combustion! Safety is more important, users must purchase a qualified lithium battery, the use of low-quality lithium cause trouble.


Lithium industry Insider: From a number of large lithium manufacturers that lithium is produced after a process is divided into sub-capacity and security parameters of the distinction between the capacity and security system to pick out qualified products packaged for sale.The remaining defective when the waste is handled; Which are low capacity, internal resistance is too large, safe cutting and other flammable and volatile probability of bad goods, etc.), while the traders are keeping these junk receipts, and then pull back and then a simple sub-capacity Which can explain why a set of flashlight 20-50 yuan or even have to sell! These with a security risk of lithium battery fell to the hands of the user, it is not easy to buy, There may be the case of Mr. Lee! And in the event of these lithium there is no guarantee of quality, the original manufacturer of waste sales will not be sold, not to buy these wastes insurance! And traders in the early morning No matter what you use lithium, be sure to regular manufacturers to produce quality assurance of the yield!

Safety is more important, recommend the use of original charger and battery!

Above is the A product 18650 models of original lithium, length of about 66MM, without protection board than I shop the old models A low resistance, high capacity of about 500mah.

The above is a product 18650 model 2800 mA with a protective plate, the length of about (69-69.5MM) of the original lithium battery

The above is a product 26650 model 5600 mA, without protection board, length of about (70MM) of the original lithium battery

Pa light + original caronite 18650 A product lithium!

(1 A product of lithium life equivalent to our old ordinary lithium 10 times!)Part of the sundry lithium charge and discharge 50 times the basic OVER, A product lithium charge and discharge 500 times as new!