Pa 18650 light flashlight 26650 lithium battery charger intelligent automatic stop anti-reverse charge Single

Pa 18650 light flashlight 26650 lithium battery charger intelligent automatic stop anti-reverse charge Single

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: PALIGHT
  • Color Classification: A: Original charger (without batteries) Free shipping B: +18650 original charger (2300 mA) Set C: +18650 original charger (2800 mA) Set D: original charger +26650 (5600 mA) Set
  • Num: PALIGHT pluripotent charge
  • Time to market: Winter 2013

Letter to the user:
buy Inferior no-name Inexpensive battery , Harm to others ! (Explosion, fire, etc. event!) If you really understand the lithium battery?
Not to mention there are cheaper, even I do not have to lose money!

Starting today, all new upgrades on the map of ES1, more stable and more reliable! Picture another update, more than two new diagram prevail!

To allow users to spend original, user safety! Impulse to 16.8 yuan!

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This charger can charge: 18650, 10440, 26650, 16340, 14500, and so on lithium-ion batteries ...

Note: The charging voltage from:. 3.7-4.2V, and the special rechargeable lithium ion battery, other battery can not be charged; the time of purchase, make sure your battery voltage label before use in this range may cause long section 26650 lithium easily head Ministry deviation must manually press even after being charged.

Tip: Do not use inferior lithium, lithium in the use of poor quality and the charging process are likely to spontaneous combustion blew safety is more important, be sure to ask the user to purchase a qualified insurance regular lithium batteries using lithium causing the problem of poor quality conceited!.


Mixed lithium industry insider: From a number of large manufacturers that lithium, lithium produced after a process is sub-capacity and security parameters to distinguish, the capacity and security systems qualified yield singled out for the rest of the package sold defective products when the waste disposal;. (This which have low capacity, internal resistance is too large, secure cutting and other flammable possibility of large storms of defective products, etc.), press and traders pounds guarding these waste receipt, and then pull back again the simple sub-capacity lighting can pick out to sell, the main supply of some low-end flashlight manufacturers! that's why a flashlight 20-50 yuan or even lower are sold! lithium with these security risks fell into the hands of users, the Lee said the case is likely to happen! and the event took place, these lithium without any quality assurance, the original manufacturer is not scrap sales after-sale, not to buy insurance for these wastes! and traders in the event of early to get away! victim is the user! No matter what you use lithium electricity, be sure to have regular large production quality assurance Good!

Safety is more important, it is recommended to use original charger and battery!

These are the types of Yuanzhuanglidian A 18650, a length of about 66MM, without a protective plate. A product with low internal resistance older than my shop, high capacity around 500mah.

These are the A 18650 Model 2800 mA with protection board, length of about (69-69.5MM) Yuanzhuanglidian

A product is more than 26650 models 5600 mA without protection board, the length of about (70MM) Yuanzhuanglidian

Pa light original product + caronite 18650 A lithium battery!

(Section 1 A product life of lithium is equivalent to 10 times the old general store lithium!)Part groceries lithium charge and discharge 50 times the basic OVER, A lithium battery charge and discharge 500 times product is still as good as new! And the real capacity is not vacuity! A figure buy products more affordable!