Precision pressure gauge YB-150 full size

Precision pressure gauge YB-150 full size

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Red
  • Model: YB-150 (0.4 Ji) 0-1Mpa
  • Item: 000 000 014
  • Color Classification: 0-1MPA 0-2.5MPA 0-4MPA 0-6MPA 0-0.1MPA 0-0.25MPA 0-0.4MPA 0-0.6MPA 0-0.16Mpa 0-10MPA 0-16MPA 0-25MPA 0-40MPA 0- 60MPA 0-1.6MPA
  • Renovation and construction content: Installation Engineering

Tips: In order to better meet the needs of buyers, we are equipped with precision pressure gauge with a zero-zero function, 0.4 precision pressure gauge of zero increase in price based on the specifications of the original $ 30, buyers may need with online customer service contact!

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Instructions for use:

Precision pressure gauge is mainly used to check industrial ordinary pressure gauge, can be measured accurately in the process of the scene of a copper alloy and alloy steel and other materials non-corrosive, non-crystalline, pressure one hundred solidified medium.

The instrument in the reticle is provided with a lens ring (A type B type), reading more clearly using precise. And zeroing means (B type) with.

Structural principle:

This instrument consists of pressure measuring system, transmission, pointing devices and the housing components. Manometry elastic member through a special process to make it stable and reliable performance, and after the high-precision drive mechanism supporting debugging, to ensure accurate indication of accuracy.

Instrument working principle is: When the measured medium pressure acting on the elastic element to produce elastic deformation - displacement, the drive rod drive mechanism amplification by indicating means for indicating the measured pressure.

Measuring range: 0 to 0.4; 0-0.6; 0-1; 0 to 1.6; 0 to 2.5; 0-4; 0-6;

ZL: A (A-type) AXD (B type)