Genuine silicone nipple milk paste stickers affixed invisible bra breathable anti-bump emptied Seamless underwear wedding

Genuine silicone nipple milk paste stickers affixed invisible bra breathable anti-bump emptied Seamless underwear wedding

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2014 autumn and winter
  • Brand: US house girls
  • Style: t0066
  • Color Classification: Round Torx
  • Shape: Round
  • Fabric Category: Silicone

Actual packaging prevail to the main map

Actual packaging prevail to the main map

We sell the goods are100% in-kind shooting, pictures are the owner shot himself. Style and image to ensure consistent, but a little color problem can not be avoided

About Returns: (Special note: Invisible bra and panties fun class single sale no refunds or exchanges)

After receipt of goods, please try the bra (try the right and then the next wash oh), if the inappropriate size within 48 hours after receipt back (we'll check courier receipt date). Reject washed through with body odor, perfume, etc. affect the secondary sales of goods. Also included in the return parcel note stated their Taobao ID, so that we can deal with a replacement. in addition to the quality of replacement return postage borne by us, for other reasons (substandard size, that the results are poor, less than ideal in quality, color, etc.) paid by the buyer if the seller shipping freight also be deducted.

Special note: the Return only accept courier, do not send surface mail, and the country through courier, thank you

How to clean stains on a bra?

Bra dirty should be cleaned as soon as possible, the longer the stain into the material of fibrous tissue, the more difficult it will be to clean the following are common stain removal tips:

Common Stain Removal Tips

Lipstick or foundation - with alcohol or volatile solvents removed, and then the temperature moderate dilute liquid cleaning lotion.

Blood stains - will dilute liquid scrub brush coated with lotion.

Perspiration - rice soup with water immersion, after a little scrub and rinse.

How to remove stains beverages

Wine - soaked in cold water with warm soapy water.

Juice - sprinkle flour onto the stain, scrub with water.

Dry method:

★ washing hand wash method to choose, because the machine will wash underwear reinforced deformation and failure of fiber material, or choose to protect the mesh bag machine washable, shock selection procedures to minimize damage to the laundry.

★ later after a good wash can not wring their hands, just use a dry towel, hand squeeze, so towel dry moisture, underwear leveled to the status quo, in the case chest to cup shape better.

Cool well ventilated place to dry

★ wet bra cup to cup to the intermediate point hung up, should not have to strap hang, because the weight of water would stretch straps.

★ sun fading and deterioration easy to make clothing, underwear, so can only be placed in a cool ventilated place to dry.

Beware of the correct bra deformation income

Bra and mothballs should not be put together, easy to damage the fabric elasticity if a large storage space, you can place the same as store expansion; if storage space is limited, it might be fastened bra back button, put the cup in the shoulder strap included, if activities strap is removed directly into the cup in the store together; then adjust the shape of the cup, so that it remains the best shape, and then the next pieces of folded up bra storage.