Air bangs wig piece hair piece wig bangs false bangs Seamless invisible Qi Liu straight slim oblique flow of the sea to stay

Air bangs wig piece hair piece wig bangs false bangs Seamless invisible Qi Liu straight slim oblique flow of the sea to stay

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Bai Mei Fang upgraded air bangs
  • Brand: Bai Mei Square
  • A single product: an upgraded version of air bangs
  • Color Classification: Dark Micro straight section [micro] straight section [micro] tea light brown dark brown straight section [micro] natural black straight section [C] [Dark] C escaped escaped escaped [C] light brown tea [dark brown] C [escaped] natural black sideburns sideburns section [dark] [paragraph] tea light brown brown-black sideburns section [section] [sideburns natural black]
  • Wig bangs Category: Qi Liu
  • Hair Material: High temperature wire
  • Effects: change the style bangs
  • Cosmetic features: Korean realistic matte

Bai Mei Square Zhendian Explosion models Air bangs Total sales break 150,000, Offering the following promotions:

1. Air bangs Over two and over 19, minus 3 yuan , Sending volume bangs artifact;

2. The full three, minus 3 yuan, send volume bangs artifact + wig care solution! (Image Gifts pull down)

This paragraph air bangs three models, each with its own style, entangled in many pro do not know how to choose, there are so favorable activities, even if the three models do not have to buy a home loss Oh! 80% chose to purchase two or more parent , Pro seize the time to buy it!

2016 popular air bangs: lightweight, breathable, Fan children

Parents can put our air bangs and Taobao to sell more than two dozen other elements Comparison, we have the confidence to give you a satisfactory Bangs!

This amount is the result of our hair bangs Dozens of repeated testing, thousands of buyers wearing feedback , Optimization of improved results, some parents will feel less hair, but no amount of hair thin air can not reach the sense

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