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Smart sports bracelet waterproof Android Apple millet Universal | Bluetooth micro-channel QQ Health Watch bracelet Huawei

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Product parameters:

  • Compatible Platform: ANDROID iOS
  • Function: Smart remind social entertainment sleep monitoring pedometer waterproof remote control Self
  • Brand: zrstar
  • Model: I5 plus
  • Color classification: an upgraded version of the spot [] i5plus black spot [upgraded] i5plus blue upgraded version of the spot [red] i5plus
  • Applicable: android platform Apple iOS platform
  • Wireless distance: 5m (including) -10m (including)

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i5 and i5 plus compare i5plus reduction button, changed Touch operation, Caller name, QQ micro-channel information display , Larger screen, battery life extended to seven days, the same as other basic functions.


Features at a glance: Features at a glance: 1, micro-channel information display (I5Plus function) 2, QQ information display (I5Plus function) 3, SMS display (I5Plus function) 4, calls to remind (I5Plus function) 5, the calorie consumption display (I5 Plus function) 6, contact screen buttons (I5 Plus function) 7, palming identification (I5 Plus function)

8, 9 sports pedometerMonitoring sleep 10, 11 sedentary reminder, GPS trajectory 12, looking for a mobile phone 13, living water 14, alarm reminder 15, task reminders 16, vibrate 17, long standby 18, smart camera (some versions no), etc.