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12V10A power supply | monitoring centralized power supply monitoring power supply security camera power supply S-120-12

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  • Brand: Qin Chang
  • Model: QC-JZ10A
  • Intelligence Type: Other

100% of the 40 degrees of the indoor environment full of 6 hours of the original aging resistance load aging, so that the issue of each power supply, have excellent quality and stable performance.

Over-current overload protection, 110V and 220V dual voltage input.

The use of Taiwan and Japan to meet the 110V voltage region's large single export.

Triple filter design, Wenbo smaller, more realistic pattern.

All the original circuit board and the original shell are used in the domestic advanced, to meet the needs of any occasion.

The Taobao shop, as manufacturers of brand promotion, sometimes not often online, if necessary, please photographed, call the specific circumstances.

Packing: 20 per carton

Packing weight: 13 kg

Packaging specifications: within the independent carton, outside the 20 sets of cartons.

Shipping Address: Shanghai

Specifications: 193mm * 93mm * 43mm