Big album album creative DIY manual paste-type album baby grow birthday gift couple

Big album album creative DIY manual paste-type album baby grow birthday gift couple

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Photos can be accommodated: 201 (inclusive) -300 sheets (including)
  • Brand: Dream Cube
  • GW: 1.5
  • Photo Size: 5 inch 6 inch 7 inch other small 5 inch 8 inch
  • Album Type: Bonded
  • Product Number: XC614
  • Color Classification: Our Story + Package + diamond + gold ribbon Gift +504 feet caused by mold Ribbon Gift Package + youth + +504 + gold diamond die happy feet Baby Gift Package + + + +504 gold diamond die happy baby feet ribbon gift package + + +504 + gold diamond love mold foot wall + package + gift + +504 gold diamond mold foot carousel + package + diamond + gold ribbon gift +504 mold-foot wall of love ribbon gift package + + + 504 die-foot diamond + carousel + package + gift + +504 gold diamond-foot mold our story packs + + + diamond gift gold mold +504 feet our story + spree + spree caused by youth happy baby packs FULLlove + + gifts of love merry + wall + spree + spree + spree caused by youth +504 gift gold diamond + foot mold
  • Material: Paper

(Material) This album cover is made of high-grade wood decorative plates, non-wood oh

(This 16-inch size for the non-album photo size, 16-inch diagonal length of 16 inches)

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