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BEPOSH Bopo additional dense hair fiber thick hair wigs one-time emergency filling meal replacement hairline shadow

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  • Product Name: Transun / Tsuen Hing other single product
  • Color Classification: Black Brown
  • Brand: Transun / Tsuen Hing
  • A single product: other single product
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Effect: Other / other
  • made in China

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Honey, the world is not a thing is perfect for hair less, there are many ways to save, there are hair replacement (long-suffering big time spent there is a large survival limit), have woven wig (daily wear also takes time, and sometimes also easy to shift, hot days, you also need endurance, stuffy or too long too long clip-on hair and scalp as well); shampoo (time-consuming and requires patience); medicine (expensive , time-consuming and do not know any side effects on the body), and dense hair fiber technology is less expensive in the world today, the fastest effective (where Caesar, where dense) dense hair products, and immediate, and no side effects (we are the main component of cotton fiber and keratin derivatives, fiber is very small, about 0.3-0.5mm, under a microscope to see the form! you can imagine the cotton sown in the hair feeling, you can use this analogy. completely harmless). such a good product, hair loss hair growth products in low price, quick, time is short, no side effects, there is no reason not to try it?

Do not trust the pro can come to us before and after comparison chart customer request, we have a lot of comparison chart (effect makes you scared out of Daya). Dense hair fiber in a foreign country is already very mature product, but also a very mature technology, foreign so pay attention to environmental protection and health, so you need not worry and side effects. in other countries, they dubbed this product is hair cosmetics, hair and make-up used to. If you have worried about fake photos that can log on the computer side view our website video on our video shows the whole process and the large number of former clients with amazing results after using contrast! video do not leave, and most intuitive! convenient logged in the computer end, you can leave an e-mail message the video to you. or more, we send your video through a small (but there are some very powerful compressed, is not clear), fast and convenient.

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Brand: Tsuen Hing's BEPOSH name: Dense hair fiber
specification: 25g (available 40-75 times) Origin: China • Guangzhou (USA Bxcee technical support)
Shelf Life: Three years (36 months) Production Date: See packaging (production lot different to the actual subject)
For skin: Any skin.
For people: Hair loss, hair loss, thinning hairline who were thinning hair
Precautions: Cool and dry storage, external use only
Effect features: BEPOSH dense hair fibers are specially made from natural cotton fibers, texture like real hair. BEPOSH dense hair fiber can instantly make your hair thicker increase, respond thick, and integration with your existing hair, showing a natural perfect young style, make your appearance times wins in the past, always confident.
Instructions: 1, first of all need to find a modified part, sprinkle Baipo dense hair fiber pat hair, it can continue to spread evenly on the hair and then comb (do not use a brush) create ideal hairstyle. Baipo dense hair the fibers may be modified freely spread on the part of a carded, that is integrated with real hair, the effect is real.
2, if used in the vicinity of the forehead hairline, hand cross on the edge of the hairline do block only and prevent dense hair fibers scattered to the eyes or face.
3, if it has less than the number of additional fiber spilled, then sprinkle discretion. Pat Shake the bottle, or with your fingers tapping the bottom, while adjusting the inclination, to control the amount of fibers scattered, dense hair to achieve the best results.
4, while the use Baipo stereotypes stereotypes water, power and natural hair elastic attachment better.