Yi Laike battery tester | battery tester | electric car battery capacity tester BT-54B

Yi Laike battery tester | battery tester | electric car battery capacity tester BT-54B

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: ELECALL
  • Model: BT-54B
  • Product Number: BT-54B
  • Renovation and construction content: Detection

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product name : Battery tester battery tester electric vehicle battery capacity tester

product brand : Yi Laike

Product number : BT-54B

Spec : Current 40A Power 500W measured battery rated capacity: 10-120AH Measured battery Rated voltage: 12V

pay attention

1, note that when the heat detector battery tester temperature changes near the hole in order to avoid hot.

2, when the battery is detected, the detection switch pressed time shall not exceed 5second.

3, the battery can not be detected when the liquid shortage.

4, is strictly prohibited 12VTester series 24VCircuit to prevent burning tables.


BT-54Type battery tester is a portable instrument to detect the battery capacity performance for detecting a variety of 12VLead-acid battery car battery and electric bicycle batteries and other applications. Clearly marked on the dial pointer table have measured battery voltage instruction value and 'adequate' 'normal' 're-charge' 'discharged' performance capacity and other identification, plus detection used to detect switch, its unique design, high quality and easy to use operation, clear digital display meter readings, and can quickly make the measured performance of the battery voltage is determined.

Before use, carefully check whether the meter pointer refers to the zero position on the dial, as not zero, zero rotatable table cover from the middle of the pointer at zero.

1, The clamp meter (regardless of polarity) were measured battery grip poles, corresponding to the arc tube clamp lit at this time is positive, and the dial pointer and digital display of voltage reading of the measured open-circuit voltage of the battery, the nominal 12VNormal battery voltage 12.5VOr more, battery power12.75-13VGenerator test: as for use in automobiles, but also online test 12VAutomobile generator operating conditions. The test 24VGenerator shall 12VConduct normal value on the battery charge voltage generator 13.5-15.3V (Note: The amount of charge testing generators, can not toggle switch).

2, Toggle switch to detect 'NO 'Position, this time, the pointer on the dial will decrease than the original, which indicates a value corresponding to the measured capacity battery performance states: Adequate, normal, re-charge and discharge completely suppress the detection switch 5Readings within seconds after the release switch voltmeter, digital pointer quickly back to basics such as voltage or more, the car battery 12.5VElectric car battery 12.75VThe battery can also be determined in good condition. Different batteries, as old batteries, battery size, charge after testing detected after discharge determination will be different. The best battery charge after a few hours in the test, after a strong discharge the battery over 15Minutes before the test.

Battery discharge when used for long periods without supplemental power. It uses the battery voltage is higher than the other. In general13-14V.