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Yiluoke Battery Tester | Battery Tester | Electric Vehicle Battery Tester BT-54B

Yiluoke Battery Tester | Battery Tester | Electric Vehicle Battery Tester BT-54B
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: ELECALL
  • Model: BT-54B
  • Item: BT-54B
  • Decoration and construction: testing

Product Buying Guide

product name : Battery tester battery detector electric vehicle battery capacity detector

product brand : Ileko

Product number : BT-54B

Product parameters : Power 500W Current 40A Measured battery rated capacity: 10-120AH Measured battery rated voltage: 12V

pay attention

1, test the battery when the attention of the test instrument near the cooling hole temperature changes in order to avoid hot.

2, detection of batteries, the pressure to suppress the switch time shall not exceed 5second.

3, the battery can not be detected when the liquid is insufficient.

4, is strictly prohibited 12VThe tester is tested in series 24VCircuit to prevent burn table.


BT-54Type battery tester is a portable battery capacity performance testing instrument for testing a variety of specifications 12VAutomobile batteries and electric bicycle batteries and other uses of lead-acid batteries. Dial meter dial clearly marked with the measured battery voltage indication and 'sufficient' 'normal' 'recharging' 'discharge finished' and other capacity performance logo, plus Detection of the use of the detection switch, its unique design, excellent quality easy to use, digital read out the first table, and can quickly determine the performance of the battery voltage to be tested.

Should be carefully checked before using the instrument pointer is in the dial zero, if not in the zero position, you can rotate the middle of the table cover zero adjustment, so that the pointer at zero.

1, The instrument clamp (regardless of positive and negative polarity) were caught in the two poles of the battery tested, then light up the tube corresponding to the clamp is positive, and the dial pointer and digital display voltage Readings for the measured battery open-circuit voltage, nominal 12VThe normal battery voltage 12.5VAbove, the power battery12.75-13VGenerator test: If used in the car, you can also test online 12VWorking condition of a generator of a car, eg test 24VGenerators must be in 12VThe battery is charged with the normal voltage 13.5-15.3V (Note: test the generator charging capacity, can not toggle switch).

2, Toggle the detection switch to 'NO 'Position, at this time, the dial on the pointer will be lower than the original, the indicated value for the corresponding capacity of the battery performance of the tested state: adequate, normal, recharge, put finished. 5Seconds reading. Release the switch after the voltmeter, the pointer number, such as the rapid return to base voltage above the car battery 12.5VElectric vehicle battery 12.75VBut also determine the battery in good condition. Different batteries, such as the old and new batteries, the size of the battery, the charge after the test, the discharge test to determine the difference after charging the battery preferably after a few hours in the test, after a strong discharge battery 15Minute and then tested.

Power battery in the use of a long time to discharge, no additional power supply. Its voltage is higher than other uses of batteries.13-14V.