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Ou Li Man loose silk dress silk dress in the long section of large yards skirt silk 2017 summer new women

Ou Li Man loose silk dress silk dress in the long section of large yards skirt silk 2017 summer new women
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Product parameters:

  • Profile: Type A
  • Material composition: Silk 100%
  • Sales channel type: pure electricity business (only online sales)
  • Item: LYQ266
  • Style: Commuter
  • Commuter: OL style
  • Combination forms: single piece
  • Skirt Length: Medium skirt
  • Style: Other / other
  • sleeve length: short sleeve
  • Collar type: round neck collar
  • Sleeve: conventional
  • Waist type: loose waist
  • Clothing placket: hedge
  • Skirt type: large pendulum type
  • Pattern: color
  • Popular elements / craft: fold stitching resin fixing 3D printing
  • Brand: Ou Li Man
  • Fabric: silk
  • Ingredients: 95% or more
  • Material: Silk
  • Applicable age: 40-49 years old
  • Year Season: Summer of 2016
  • Color classification: yellow color (navy blue silk cotton cloth) Purple color (pre-paid payment within seven days of delivery) Green color yellow color (sapphire blue snow yarn cloth)
  • Size: S M L XL 2XL

In fact, part of the pro to reflect the color of this skirt is not bright enough, we started with our manager and director of the designer - Manchester sister mentioned the proposal, but Our man still with some of the designer's unique little stubborn: this skirt I designed when it is To the oil-like retro romantic romantic feeling ah! But after our customer service sister paper several times with the men's sister Barabara, Manchester sister is still very responsible to seriously sit down and consider the problem: In fact, the fabric itself is still relatively beautiful, but because the cloth is navy Color silk cotton reasons, so the lining of the cloth is also slightly deeper.

After we have repeatedly contrasted after the color of the cloth, found that more blue and blue with more overall color to enhance the effect of the whole color and navy blue silk cloth (fabric ingredients: 30% silk, 70% cotton) Comparison, the sapphire blue cloth we use the market is very good quality is not thin and very thin snow yarn (fabric ingredients 100% polyester fiber), Navy green silk in the cloth delicate soft, skin-friendly breathable; Po blue snow spinning cloth light and smooth, more drape Effect; silk cotton cloth with a little retro oil painting, intellectual leisure leisure life feeling, Po blue chiffon cloth color more Apparent Some of the more lively and lively. Specifically like the kind of look at the choice of the sisters!!! Please select the appropriate time when the corresponding color of the cloth section Oh!

In addition, this section of the skirt fabric is the silk georgette, feel the taste of its unique texture, compared with the silk satin and silk double crepe smoothness is slightly worse. Sisters' requirements, We are about to launch a Version of the fabric is 14 m m silk double crepe dress, item number is LYQ316 (baby link https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a21ag.7623864.0.0.puN9NS&id=536468135960 copied to the browser Open in) , Fabric printing is the same, but the fabric is a silk double crepe, feel more smooth, because the fabric itself has been relatively thick light (but very smooth breathable, silk Well), so do not have to do But also the back of the unique stitching design also canceled Oh, but the skirt as a whole 'oil-like retro romantic romantic feeling' and some, this is also the man saw the kind of proofing teacher after the effect of greatly loved Of it, and immediately left a ready Her August tour of Bali friends. Yes, this pre-sale of the Oh, like the pro can start in advance Oh, the first shot first shipped Oh