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  • Brand: Stjiatu
  • Model: ST-1622

Combo video cable / power cord and video surveillance as one / video dedicated cable / video cable (20 m) with connector
Short distance transmission, power cord and video cable into one, easy installation, a plug and play.

Security extension cord, set up a small security systems the ideal cable, built-in power cord and video cable, BNC and DC head head are fixed by welding and by injection molding, durable.

Surveillance Camera comes with standard power, BNC connectors for direct connection of surveillance cameras and capture card, hard disk recorders.


Length: 20 m, a 20 m

Diameter: 3.0MM

NOTE: If you want to access an array of cameras, may occur with this product does not move, does not work properly, it is recommended to shoot another video one bulk power supply line : Click here to buy



20 m power cable video

Monitor product line monitoring equipment accessories