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  • Brand: Shen exploration
  • Model: JN800A-III

JN800A-III metal detection door adopts advanced detection technology, the panel ultra-high brightness LED alarm display, specifically for the human body hidden metal and alloy objects detection and prevention. High security, applicability, high sensitivity, wide detection range . In order to resist the external interference magnetic field using damping technology, so anti-interference ability, to 24 hours of continuous work, metal detectors can sound and light alarm at the same time, and the tone can be adjusted in quality, effect, technical parameters are reached advanced level . Metal detector door sensitivity can be adjusted up to 4500, the maximum detection of metal pieces of the size of the paper clip, and can distinguish between the location of metal storage, the user can detect metal size, volume, weight, etc., to exclude coins, Such as industrial and mining enterprises, banks, private mansions and other places; and to prevent the place to carry dangerous metal items; such as airports, customs, prisons, exhibition halls, exhibition halls, and so on; And other places, the installation of JN800A-III metal detector will give you a reliable, nice, practical feeling.

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