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Men and women step by step vivox6plus vivox6 Mobile Shell silica gel to protect all inclusive kits x6s fall border

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Product parameters:

  • Protection sleeve texture: TPU
  • Style: protective case
  • Color classification: X6 local gold-Cat Head bracket X6 local gold-love bracket X6 local gold-simple bracket X6 rose gold-Cat Head bracket X6 rose gold-love bracket X6 rose gold-simple bracket X6 plus local gold-Cat Head bracket X6 plus local gold-love bracket X6 plus local gold-simple bracket X6 plus rose gold-Cat Head bracket X6 plus rose gold-love bracket X6 plus rose gold-simple bracket bracket-rose gold-general paragraph Bracket-gold-grey-universal X6 universal bracket-shatter-resistant casing-single x6plus shatter-resistant shells-shells-simple X6 shatter-resistant shell holder X6 plus-simple shatter-resistant shell support
  • Style: Europe and America
  • Applicable phone models: Vivo
  • Brand: whole life
  • Model: vivo X6