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Product parameters:

  • Brand: simple
  • Model: OSMO vehicle components
  • Full set: car bracket single purchase: universal joint arm single purchase: three claws sucker base

  • Osmo - Car Mounts

Can be easily fixed to the eyes of Osmo Osmo in the top of the car, car doors and windows and other parts, a variety of shooting angles, bringing a different shooting experience.


The maximum radius of the circumcircle is 92 mm
Individual suction cup radius 32 mm
Base height 65 mm
Universal connecting rod length 51 mm
The maximum height is 215 mm
Weight: 425 g

  • Osmo - Universal joint arm

Can be used to replace the car in the universal joint components can also be used to DIY, for example with a tripod to use, more flexibility to support Osmo

  • Osmo - three-jaw chuck base

Can be used to replace the car bracket three-jaw sucker, the top 1/4 inch thread, the user can DIY, such as with the camera, extension rod and other equipment.

Note: When using the camera, make sure the unlocking button is unlocked, otherwise it will scratch the camera.

Installation Notes:

Car bracket installation instructions: